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State: Alaska

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/15/18 RFP - Bethel Courthouse Lease
12/22/17 Chugachmiut Fire Camp Redevelopment Contracting Assistance
12/14/17 Glacier Fire Station Roof Replacement
12/12/17 2018 ARCC Shoulder Ballast Cleaning
12/08/17 Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Impact Project Eval
12/07/17 12.5 Percent Sodium Hypochlorite
12/07/17 Dry Sonic Drilling Services for TLO
12/07/17 2018 Motor Coach Services for ARRC Glacier Discovery Train
12/06/17 Survey Equipment
12/06/17 Provide Maintenance Services for the Department of Public Safety Patro
12/06/17 2018-2020 Dock Vendor Program
12/05/17 Statewide Electrical Services
12/04/17 Replacement Alaska Court System
12/01/17 RFP - Eagle Rock Fish Wall Artwork
12/01/17 RFP - Financial Capacity Assessments
11/30/17 Rfid Personnel Checkpoint System
11/30/17 RFP - Mental Health Discharge Planner - ACC
11/29/17 Village Power Distribution Grid Upgrades - Nuiqsut Phase II
11/29/17 RFP - Bradley Lake Hydropower & Alaska Intertie Insurance Review
11/29/17 Electrical Power Distribution
11/28/17 Jonesville Fires, Phase III Drilling Project
11/27/17 Vivitek Projectors
11/22/17 Us Fws R7 2,500 Gallons Jet A Fuel
11/22/17 Allmand 13kW Arctic Spec Max-Lite II V-Series Portable Light Plant
11/21/17 Furnish a Boss Plow

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