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State: Alaska

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/26/18 Powerhouse 125 VDC Station Service Replacement Project
07/17/18 Cranes and Hoists
07/17/18 RFP - Lease of ASD Facilities for Non - Profit Preschool
07/16/18 Timber Cruise
07/16/18 Town Park Playground Project
07/11/18 LNG Storage Tank and Plant Phase 3A
07/10/18 Construction Services for the Barrow Old Landfill Protection
07/10/18 Term Contract for Processing and Disposal of Abandon Vehicles
07/10/18 ITB - Brevig Mission Airport Segmented Circle Replacement FFY2017
07/10/18 Sale of Chatham Strait Test Fishery Sablefish
07/09/18 DSJ Parking lot rehabilitation
07/09/18 Pioneer Hall Roof Replacement
07/03/18 Airway Road Service Area- Road lmprovements
07/02/18 2018 Competitive 1 Year Permit for Haying Activities
07/02/18 2018 Competitive 5 Year Permit for Haying Activities
07/02/18 Sitka Street Reconstruction
06/29/18 Replace AFFF & Check Valve
06/29/18 Walk Through Metal Detectors
06/29/18 RFP - Independent Audit of ACWF & ADWF
06/28/18 Term Contract for Towing Abandon Vehicles for the Juneau Police Depart
06/25/18 Rfq - American Sign Language Interpreting Services - Term Contract
06/25/18 Solid Wood Furniture Bunk Beds and Furniture
06/22/18 Barracks Electrical Door Locks
06/22/18 Window Replacements and Installation
06/20/18 Furnish Viewsonic Monitors

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