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State: Arizona

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/16/18 RFP - Arterial and Bridge Needs Assessment
11/15/18 Neely WRP Operations Contract
11/09/18 Kiwanis Park Management Plan
11/09/18 RFP - Fare Strategy Consulting Services
11/07/18 Electrical Parts and Equipment for Westworld
11/06/18 Security Camera system at Pinon Health Center
11/06/18 Public Defender Services
11/01/18 Purchase and Deliver One (1) 25-ton Tag-Type 3-Axle Tilt Deck Trailer
11/01/18 RFP - Microfilm Conversion Services
11/01/18 RFP - Infrared Asphalt Pavement Repairs
11/01/18 Purchase and Deliver One (1) 25-Ton Tag-Type 3-Axle Tilt Deck Trailer
10/31/18 Pest Control Services for City Facilities
10/31/18 On-Call Consulting Services for Soils and Construction Materials Sampl
10/30/18 Housing Rehabilitation Program
10/26/18 Door, Access, Aircraft
10/26/18 ITB - Calsense Irrigation Components - Requirements Contract
10/26/18 Ford F150 Raptor-used
10/26/18 TS Security Department - IT & Electrical Connection Project
10/25/18 Request for Qualifications - Project Management Construction Services
10/25/18 Lamp, Incandescent
10/25/18 Decoration Set, Indicator
10/25/18 Water & Wastewater Works Materials Contract
10/24/18 Lamp, Incandescent
10/24/18 Police and Fleet Towing
10/15/18 Cmop Spironolactone

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