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State: Iowa

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/13/18 General Services Administration (GSA) Seeks To Lease Space in Council
09/06/18 East Street Water Main Replacement
09/06/18 FDCSD - Annex Building Re-Roofing Project
09/04/18 E-beam Evaporation System
08/30/18 2018 or Newer Special Services Vehicle Pickup
08/30/18 2018 Robins Road Pavement Rehabilitation
08/30/18 Concrete Sidewalk Improvements at Foster Manor Low Rent Housing Agency
08/30/18 2018 or Newer Special Services Tahoe
08/29/18 Research Upstream Regulation of TAZ and YAP in Sarcomas - Pi Tanas - *
08/28/18 Iowa Labs NE Lot Pavement Replacement
08/28/18 6th Ave Streetscape Ph 1 Construction Inspection
08/28/18 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber
08/28/18 Lubricants and Fluids - Cambus
08/27/18 Supply - Dishwasher
08/27/18 Utility Tractor
08/24/18 RFP - West Cargo Apron Expansion
08/24/18 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program
08/24/18 Storage Trailers
08/23/18 Black Hawk Wildlife Unit SWE's, Black Hawk Marsh
08/23/18 Winter Rental: Seven (7) Wheel Loaders, 2-1/2 Cubic Yards
08/23/18 Millwork District Parking Lot #2
08/20/18 DPS Pre-Employment Testing
08/20/18 Tree Removal and Trimming of City Parks
08/20/18 Stainless Commercial Steam Table Pans and Lids
04/13/18 Technical Instruction Services for a Development, Management, and Cont

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