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State: Minnesota

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/05/18 2018 Washington County Community Development Block Grant and Home Inve
12/21/17 Wayzata High School Flooring Replacement
12/14/17 Clear Springs Gymnasium Addition
12/14/17 Construction of Bridge NO. 69A54 and Approach Grading
12/13/17 OP 8498 - Bids for East River Road Railroad Crossings Project
12/13/17 Electrical Maintenance Facility
12/13/17 CCTV Interceptor Inspection - North Metro
12/12/17 Well No. 7 Rehabilitation
12/07/17 UMD Oakland Ave. Apt. Fire Alarm Upgrades Phase 3
12/07/17 UMD Oakland Ave. Apt. WINDOWS Upgrades Phase 3
12/07/17 Farmer Rancher Grant Program
12/06/17 Work Order and Asset Management System
12/05/17 Design and Special Provisions Review Staff Augmentation
12/04/17 RWMWD Grass Lake Berm Repairs
12/01/17 City Hall Restroom Improvements (BELGR 141671)
11/30/17 Pre-insulated Pipe, Fittings, Valves and Accessories for Superior Stre
11/30/17 2017 Pond Maintenance Project - Plymouth Creek Pond
11/30/17 EWR Statistician for Grassland Birds
11/29/17 Steel Gate Valves
11/28/17 Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) System
11/28/17 Elevator Inspection and Testing - St. Cloud VAMC Semi-annual St. Clou
11/27/17 A10 CGN Nat Equipment and Service
11/24/17 Pump and Meter Replacement
11/22/17 Garbage Can Liners
11/21/17 Construct and Furnish SCADA MSIP Panels and Communication Panels for t

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