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State: Nevada

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/30/18 Armored Car and Courier/Security Services
11/29/18 Stead Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF) Fuel Storage(SPWD Project
11/28/18 Darrell C. Swope Middle School Expansion and Renovation
11/27/18 Bypass Valves at Sewage Grinder Installation and Flat Plate Heat Excha
11/19/18 RFP - Abandoned Vehicle Towing
11/15/18 Visitor Center Site Improvements
11/13/18 Boiler Plant Upgrades, Wells Conservation Camp (SPWD Project No. 17-M3
11/06/18 Playground Equipment and Safety Surface Andrew Mitchell ES
11/06/18 Seismic Upgrade & Clinical Expansion
11/06/18 Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) services for the RSWRF 4 MGD Expan
11/02/18 Nevada Special Education Accountability and Reporting System
11/02/18 RFP - Textbook Submission World Language 6-12
11/01/18 Actuarial Services for the Nevada Division of Insurance
11/01/18 Request for Qualifications - Airfield Maintenance Yard Pavement Recons
11/01/18 US 50, Lyon County
11/01/18 Student Union South Shading Device Replacement
10/30/18 Rip Rap Rock & Other Base Aggregate Materials
10/29/18 Janitorial Services
10/25/18 Windmill Library Auditorium Projector
10/23/18 Parking Lot Snow Removal Services
10/22/18 Fish Haul Tank
10/22/18 Nevada Licensing, Certificates of Compliance, Fire Standard Compliant
10/18/18 VMware Software
10/18/18 Veeam Licensing
10/17/18 Omnikey USB Reader

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