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State: New Hampshire

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/28/18 RFP - Records Management System
09/10/18 Statewide Victims Needs Assessment
09/08/18 Install WiFi and Provide Services Guest WIFI
09/07/18 RFP - HRU1 Air Handler
09/05/18 Goffstown Planning Board Master Plan Update
09/03/18 Dewa Storm Recovery-Tree Removals
08/31/18 Security Door Alarm System
08/30/18 Fire Alarm System
08/28/18 New Garage Foundation
08/28/18 Door Replacement Project
08/27/18 Supply and Deliver #2 Fuel Oil to Mini-Houses Including Burner Service
08/27/18 Pease ANGB Carpet Replacement
08/23/18 Plow Blades & Parts
08/23/18 Water & Sewer Inventory
08/23/18 Lincoln-Akerman School Addition
08/23/18 Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil (Supply & Deliver)
08/22/18 Moving and Reconfiguration Services
08/21/18 FM Radio Commercials to Promote Homeland Security
08/21/18 Heavy Equipment Parts - John Deere
08/21/18 Tactical Bomb Tech Kit
08/21/18 FM Radio Commercials to Promote Individual Preparedness and Public Saf
08/21/18 Automotive Equipment-Vehicle Lift
08/16/18 Police Vehicles-Dodge Chargers AWD ( On The Lot)
08/16/18 RFP - Fencing Materials
08/15/18 Vehicles: Pre-Owned Passenger Mini-Van

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