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State: Oregon

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/28/18 On Street Parking Data Collection & Analysis
09/28/18 Curb Ramp Assessment
09/25/18 Centennial Park Expansion
09/13/18 Mechanical No. 2 Mastication
09/13/18 Construction Manager/General Contractor Services - Warehouse Remodel/O
09/12/18 Internet Bandwidth
09/11/18 Criminal Background Checks
09/07/18 City Hall Facility Report
09/05/18 H&HS Behavioral Health Provider Training
09/05/18 Loader Tool Carrier Seasonal Rental Price Agreement
09/04/18 Construction Manager/General Contractor - US Forest Service Helibase
09/03/18 Ashland Fire & Rescue Housing Safety Program
08/30/18 Electrical Transmission System Services
08/29/18 Deicing Treatment System Chemicals On a Requirements Basis
08/29/18 Workforce Housing Roadmap Technical Assistance
08/28/18 Wildlife Corridor Mapping
08/28/18 Exp Actn Plan
08/28/18 Graffiti Abatement - Traffic Signal and Street Lighting
08/27/18 Oats, Rolled Quick Cooked
08/27/18 Mt Hood Cable Regulatory Commission Legal Counsel Services
08/27/18 ESB Ice Guards Building K
08/27/18 PASTA: Rigatoni, Shell, Mostaccioli (Penne), Rotini, Ziti
08/24/18 ESB 33487 I-84, Ladd Canyon WB Fence Repair, Phase 2
08/23/18 2018 Paving
08/17/18 Greathorn Cloud Email Security *Sole Source*

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