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State: Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/06/18 NCTC - Water Heating System Replacement
07/25/18 Interior Plantscaping and Maintenance
07/24/18 SP/DP+ PRM Pump Asy
07/20/18 Kiosk Management System
07/12/18 Purchase of Kevlar Lifelines
07/02/18 Electrode Assembly
07/02/18 Non-CEM Workstations
07/02/18 ANSYS Savant SW *SOLE SOURCE *
06/29/18 Foreign Language (Spanish) Translation Services and American Sign Lang
06/28/18 Bearing, Ball, Annular, EIA: AV-8B
06/28/18 Tektronix RSA7100A *SOLE SOURCE *
06/27/18 Extinguisher, Fire
06/27/18 Gage, Differential
06/27/18 Indicator, Liquid Quantity
06/27/18 Text Messaging Services
06/27/18 Scintillometer
06/26/18 Generators
06/26/18 Cellebrite UFED2 License Plus Trade-in. *SOLE SOURCE *
06/26/18 Tig Welders
06/25/18 Automatic Data Processing System Analysis Services *SOLE SOURCE *
06/25/18 Unlimited Use of Database Data for 1 Year To Include Direct Mail, Emai
06/25/18 Coating Kit, Rain Erosion Resisting
06/25/18 Purchase of ESRI ArcGIS Maintenance Software. *Sole Source*
06/25/18 Blade, Compressor, Aircraft, TF-33 Engine
03/15/18 Leadership Curriculum Gaming Exercise Support (Esacpe Room)

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