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NAPC Users Save Time & Money With Their Own Solicitations

October 26, 2015

An increasing number of visitors to NAPC portals are saving time and money by posting their own solicitations for a wide range of goods and services.

Not all of the solicitations posted on the 107 business portals administered by the NAPC are from government agencies. A growing number are from businesses and even individuals.

Solicitations posted in our network reach hundreds of thousands of motivated suppliers who want to do business with you.

If your company needs new vehicles or equipment, we have hundreds of auto & equipment dealers who might be interested in giving you a great price. 

Need some new computers? Every major computer vendor monitors our data for opportunities to sell their wares.

Need insurance? There are 327 insurance providers who are registered NAPC users.

How about a better bank? We have over 100 banks registered in our system with dozens more that monitor our data but haven't registered?

Want to build a shop or add on to your house? We have tens of thousands of contractors looking for new work.

Posting a solicitation is easy, just click on "Post Bid Ad" on any of the NAPC portals or on "Post Solicitation" on If you want to post solicitations on a regular basis let us know and we will activate our e-procurment system for you.

For more information on posting solicitations email or call Audrey at 302-450-1923.

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