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Your Help Needed to Push Back Against Govt. Corruption

April 11, 2017

The NAPC is preparing to push back harder against government corruption and incompetence in procurement and is seeking your input and legal counsel in several states.

Government corruption and incompetence in the procurement process causes grave harm to the American people. It results in lower quality services, higher taxes, more stagnant economies, higher debt and the empowerment of predatory criminals. It is something we battle every day on behalf of the people.

Some states do a great job serving the public trust and the NAPC has beneficial relationships with the authorities in some states who enforce state procurement laws. However, many states have no regulations governing the procurement practices for local agencies or fail to enforce the laws they do have.

An increasing number of agencies are no longer publicly advertising their bids. Some agencies use only private purchasing groups which effectively claim ownership and control of public procurement data and limit access. Others agencies play the FOIA game of allowing public access to procurement data only if an official public records request is made, substantial money is paid and there is a long delay in providing the data.

Some agencies have even demanded that we remove public procurement solicitations from the NAPC portals. We refused.

Public servants are just that. They are supposed to serve the people who pay their salaries. However, if the people don't stand up and demand accountability from government the problem will only get worse.

The NAPC would like to pursue legal action against those who are violating the public trust and is seeking legal counsel and input from contractors and suppliers who are currently doing business with government agencies or would like to. Help us help you obtain more and better business opportunities and reduce government waste of your tax dollars.

The states we will focus on first include: Colorado, Michigan, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and New Mexico.

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