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Last Chance to Defend the Internet

August 30, 2017

Midnight tonight is the deadline to tell the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that you want net neutrality and don't want large corporations dictating which web sites you can access.

Imagine if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) was like cable TV and restricted your access to only those websites they select and you pay for. Imagine if your own web site was not included in the packages offered to Internet users and access to your site was blocked.

If the FCC ends net neutrality you could lose access to all NAPC web sites and the data we provide. You could lose access to most of the web sites on the Internet.

Net neutrality ensures that you can access the Internet without an ISP blocking any sites except those required by law.

Trump and his gang of large corporations want to further control how Americans think by controlling their access to information. While some Trump supporters are OK with this, the overwhelming majority of Americans are not and of course want net neutrality to continue. America is not China or Cuba, yet. 

Totalitarian dictatorships must control the public's access to information in order to control the public and so must end net neutrality in order to increase their power over the American people.

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