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AMERO Vendor Directory Now Online

April 29, 2018

A live directory of companies accepting AMERO digital currency—the people's cryptocurrency, is now online at

The new directory can also be found on, and

New vendors are signing up each day and offer a wide range of products and services.

At present, the directory is a list of the companies who have agreed to consider accepting AMERO for all or a portion of select transactions, their location and goods and services offered. Before launch of the AMERO on June 4, the directory will include search and browse features to make it easier to find vendors offerings specific goods and services in a given geographic area.

Companies who sign up now to accept the AMERO will receive up to 2,500 free coins to spend as they like with other AMERO vendors and will receive matching AMERO for every qualifying transanction for 90 days after launch. 

The AMERO is a people's cryptocurrency designed by the North American Procurement Council (NAPC) in partnership with the International Digital Monetary Council (IDMC) to meet the needs of government agencies, businesses and individuals.

While it is intended primarily for North and Central America and the Caribbean, it is an international digital currency that can be used from any country that has not prohibited its citizens from using cryptocurrencies. 

There will be an initial 500 billion AMERO and at least 90% will be given as grants to government agencies, non-profit organizations (NGOs) and for important research and development. Grant applications are now being accepted at

The AMERO is centrally managed to be secure, stable and sustainable and is intended to function as an international currency in parallel to national currencies.

Unlike bitcoin, the AMERO does not have to be mined and transactions will be done in seconds. There will also be no transaction fees for at least the first year, if at all.

Businesses are embracing the AMERO as a way to preserve capital, reduce operating costs and become more competitive. AMERO vendors will have access to exclusive business opportunities that are more lucrative and will be able to protect themselves against a declining dollar.