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AMERO Digital Currency Now Live

June 18, 2018

Early in the morning on June 18th, AMERO digital currency was quietly added to over 400 participating vendor accounts.

Some accounts are still being authenticated and will receive their AMERO in coming days.

AMERO participants will be able to start redeeming and accepting AMERO on Thursday, June 21st, which happens to also be Summer Solstice and the first day of Summer.

Initially, transactions will be processed manually to ensure that transactions are legitimate, done smoothly and all questions and issues are addressed.

The AMERO is a new people's digital currency with an initial 500 billion coins created. At least 90% will be given as AMERO grants to government agencies, non-profit organizations and for important R&D.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the AMERO is centrally managed and designed to be secure, stable and sustainable. It is not suitable for money laundering or other criminal activity. Nor does AMERO have to mined and consume vast amounts of electricity.

Nearly 500 companies have signed up to accept AMERO in its pre-launch phase.