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NAPC Comes Under Fire for Endorsing the Green Party

February 18, 2016

The North America Procurement Council has taken some heat for its recent ads for the U.S. Green Party.

By NAPC CEO Tim Loncarich

The NAPC has been told by some to avoid politics and that running ads for the Green Party will drive away users. I have been told that many contractors are deeply conservative and are offended by the Green Party and what it stands for. Democrats will be upset because the Green Party may split votes and ensure a Republican victory in the Presidential election. These concerns are legitimate, but I believe that there are more pressing issues that justify our choice.    

As the CEO of the NAPC, I have a responsibility to ensure our company's success, but as a human being and an American I also have a responsibility for the impact of my choices. As a Father, I want my sons to live in a world with hope for a better future. 

Every day each one of us makes choices that shape our reality. So, what kind of reality have we collectively created by our choices?

People who are conscious and aware realize that the world in which we live now has a very bleak future.

We really have created the most rapid extinction of life in our planet's history. Every major eco-system is in a state of decline. Over half of our planet's wildlife is already gone. Our oceans are dying. Every corner of the globe is contaminated with toxic chemicals. Our climate is rapidly changing and vast parts of Earth may soon become too hot or dry to live in. Oceans levels are indeed rising and will rise faster in coming years and create hundreds of millions of climate refugees with no place to go where they will be welcome.

Economically, the United States federal government is bankrupt with a national debt that has spiraling out of control due to decades of corruption and incompetence.

The middle class has rapidly been pushed into poverty. America is the richest nation on Earth yet one in three American children live in poverty. Childhood poverty in the US is worse than in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and many other poor countries and is only slightly better than in Mexico.

Our liberties have been stolen from us and many now fear their local police and federal agents. We can no longer realistically claim to live in a democracy. We really do live in an oligarchy where the only true democracy is on a limited local level.

We are in this situation because we keep voting for political parties that are controlled by criminal corporations and the wealthy people who own them.

By voting for either a Republican or Democrat we vote for the further destruction of our country and children's future. So why do Americans keep voting for their own demise?

Most Americans vote the way they are told to by mass media. Mass media ignores third parties. So, for most Americans third parties don't exist or are perceived as somehow undesireable.

So, what is so undesireable about the Green Party?

Is it the well-paying jobs they would create from a green energy economy? Green energy does indeed create more jobs than dirty energy does. It worked for Germany and for many other countries and could certainly work here. Do we really not want good jobs?

Is it the balanced budget that the Green Party would provide by reducing the vast sums of our tax dollars given to the war industry and stolen by a corrupt government? Do we really want to experience economic collapse and all that comes with it?

Or could it be the peace and prosperity that would come from shifting from a destructive war economy to one of humane sustainability?

Could it be the lives and health of our children who aren't pushed into some meaningless conflict that was created by the war industry itself?

Are we really offended that the Green Party isn't funded and controlled by companies like ExxonMobil, Monsanto and Wall Street?

In reality most every American really does want the same things. We want good jobs, to be healthy and to live in a free country in which our children have a bright future. We have just been confused about how to get it. 

It is true that the Green Party is inexperienced, but that could be a good thing when it comes to government. 

It is also true that without a new uncorrupt Congress a Green Party Presidency would be limited in what it could do.

Based on our server stats, running ads for the Green Party has not yet resulted in a decrease in users. If someone does avoid the sites because they are offended by an ad then it means that they will also avoid the free business opportunities. Disempowering those who make bad choices for our country could ultimately be a good thing.

Is it wise for us to avoid politics when the 1% is deeply involved in politics and controls the political discussion, while the rest of us remain silent for fear of offending someone? I don't think so. But, the people should decide.

Next week we will have an informal poll in place on each state site and to determine whether or not we:

  • continue to run ads for the Green Party only
  • allow ads for all political parties
  • ban all political advertising

We are working on a secure and reliable e-voting system that all registered members can use to vote on how their portal is managed. 

For the record, I believe that all political parties are obsolete and that it is time that the people be given the vote. We no longer need to send a representative to the Capital because we can now all be in the Capital through electronic media. We can learn about the issues and many of us can indeed make sound choices. If we make bad choices then we will learn from them and make better choices in the future. We don't need some politician to choose for us.

I also strongly believe that the purpose of government is to serve the needs of the people, not rule them. When any government stops serving and starts ruling it is no longer legitimate and must be replaced. Our current federal government needs to be replaced by one that we the people control and we must do it now, before it is too late. We certainly aren't going to restore democracy by voting for politicians who are controlled by the 1%.

The NAPC is small but significant media. We reached over 1.5 different people last year and will reach even more this year. As media of the people we have an obligation to use our voice for the good of the people. One way we can benfit the people is to let them know that when it comes to politics there is a third choice and that it may be a better choice.

Imagine what would happen if small businesses endorsed the Green Party and educated their employees about the impact of their votes and those employees then had meaningful dicussions with their families, friends and social media contacts?

I dare to dream of a better world for my children. I hope that you will to.

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