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NAPC Launches New Monthly Magazine Called "Trillions"

April 4, 2016

The North America Procurement Council has launched a monthly magazine to better communicate our activities and help businesses benefit from the trillions of dollars in government purchasing.

The April issue of Trillions is now available online at

The name Trillions was chosen because it is the trillions of dollars in North American government spending and its economic impact that is the primary focus of the North America Procurement Council. It is why we exist.

The magazine is currently available in PDF format and as individual articles on the web site. An epub version will be uploaded soon. The May issue will be available in multiple formats, including audio. Printed copies will be available starting with the June issue.

The website is still under development and will continue to improve and expand.

Some of the articles in the April issue include:

TPP Peril - The good, the bad and the really ugly aspects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Introduction to U.S. Government Contracting - The basics of doing business with government agencies

The $500 Billion Do-It-Ourselves Stimulus Program - How fixing government procurement could put $500 billion back into the U.S. economy

Winners of SBA’s 2016 InnovateHER Business Competition - Clever female entrepreneurs get recognized

Tranquility Within Chaos - Real solutions for building a change management culture.

Please let us know if you would be interested in contributing articles or advertising in future issues.

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