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PDF & Audio Versions of May Trillions Now Available

May 9, 2016

The May issue of NAPC's "Trillions" magazine is now available in PDF and audio formats at

The lead article for this second issue of Trillions is The Oligarch Problem, which explores the definition of "oligarch", why some countries are oligarchies and what we can do about the oligarch problem in North America. 

Other articles include:

Taking a Chapter from the Original Caring Profession: The American Farmer-Rancher

Fresno, California Rejects Police Chief’s Orwellian Surveillance Project

EPA Finally Admits That Common Pesticides Are Deadly to More Than Just Pests

Pakistani Tribal Elder Demands U.S. Take Him Off the Drone Kill List

Thaw with United States Will Put Cuba’s Agroecology to the Test

Breakthrough Means Less Expensive Flexible Polymer Solar

Airbus Delivers First U.S. Made Plane

Bombardier Seeks $2 Billion Bailout

Chinese Woman Charged for Exporting Submersible Technology

Kentucky Cabinet Secretary Charged in Kickback Scheme

Landmark Class Action Climate Change Lawsuit Allowed to Proceed

Big Oil Climate Lies Started in 1946!

Paris Climate Agreement Signing Ceremony a Success

Interoceanic Canal Bogged Down in Nicaragua

Conscious Exhaling Eases Media Overload

Transparency International Calls for End to Anonymous U.S. Corporations

Government Accountability Office Refuses to Sign Off on Federal Cooked Books

Three Cheers for Trade and None for TPP

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