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January Trillions Magazine Now Available in PDF and Audio Formats

January 7, 2018

Another exciting and thought-provoking issue of Trillions Magazine is now available FREE at for your reading listening pleasure.

This month's issue can be found at and includes the following articles:

03  The New

04  Making America Poor Again

13  UN Exposes Rising Inequality in America

25  California Takes a First Step on Cellphone Health Hazard

27  Herbicides Have a Dangerous Side Effect: Bacteria Antibiotic Resistance

29  Trump’s Destruction of NASA Earth Science Imperils Us All

32  Oklahoma Oil & Gas Industry Sued for Causing Earthquakes

33  The EU's Fake War on Tax Havens

36  North Korea Extends Olive Branch to South Korea and a Warning to Trump

37  North Korean Submarine ICBM Program Takes a Giant Leap

38  Cuba: The Surprise Medical Innovator

40  Insane Clown Posse Loses Appeal of Gang Designation

41  Puerto Rico to Review Hurricane Maria Death Count

42  U.S. Military Developing Devastating New Bio-Weapon

43  Republicans Land Another Death Blow on Puerto

45  China Planning Fastest Telecom Cable to Europe – Via the Arctic

46  Saudi Arabia Hit with Useless Arms Embargo by EU Parliament

47  WHO, WFP and UNICEF Plead for End of War on Yemen

48  What Was America's Mysterious $21 Trillion Spent On?

50  The Largest Floating Solar Power Plant in the World

51  Methane Storage Leaps Ahead With New Compound

52  Power & The Dark Side of Humanity

55  U.S. EPA Uses Fake Science to Claim Glyphosate Safe