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NAPC Stops Reporting Bids for Herbicides

March 25, 2019

Given the substantial hazard that most herbicides pose to human health and the environment, and the corruption of federal and state regulatory agencies, the NAPC has stopped reporting on solicitations for the purchase or application of herbicides.

The most commonly used herbicides containing glyphosate and other chemicals are now well known to cause widespread and severe harm to the environment and human health. Their usage should been stopped long ago but corruption of academia, regulatory agencies and media along with an un-natural industrial agriculture system that relies on toxic chemicals and genetically modified plants has kept them in use.

Glyphosate has been found in the bloodstream of almost every human tested. It is in virtually every food product sold around the world. 

When sprayed in the air it spreads over long distances and ends up in waterways. It contaminates organically grown crops which have never had glyphosate sprayed anywhere near them.

In addition to the killing effect is has on most plant cells, glyphosate damages DNA and radically alters soil biology. Contrary to the claims of manufacturers, it does not break down into harmless subtances but stays in the food chain and ends up in pretty much every digestive tract on the planet and radically alters the microbes that live there. This then causes illness that is hard to diagnose or treat.

In the soil, glyphosate scrambles the DNA of microbes and has created new types of fungus, bacteria, viruses and other infectious and disease causing agents.

One of the new pathogens that has been identified is a micro-fungus that is so small it can only be seen with an electron microscope. Some scientists believe that this new microfungus has spread across the planet is responsible for the collapse in insect populations and for much of the unexplained illnesses in humans and wildlife.

Only in some cases does glyphosate cause cancer but often enough that there are now thousands of law-suits against Bayer (Monsanto) for glyphosate causing cancer. So far, Bayer is losing most of the suits because the science definitely proves how damaging glyphosate really is, no matter how much the manufacturer lies and parades its fradulent studies.

In the absence of effective government and an honest media it is up to the people to stand up and make the right choices.

The decision of the North America Procurement Council and its parent company, Bid Ocean, to stop publishing solicitations for the sale and application of herbicides is us, the people, standing up and doing what is right. Our actions are likely to have little impact but at least we are no longer contributing to the problem by helping mis-guided government agencies, manufacturers, vendors and contractors cause harm to ourselves, our children and the rest of the life on Earth.

Any subscribers whose primary business is the sale or application of herbicides may apply for a refund.