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State: Delaware

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/02/18 Integrated Revenue Administration System
09/26/18 Install & Inspect Backflow Prevention Devices
09/18/18 Gravel Hill Sign Shop Renovation
09/18/18 Pharmacy Storage USP 800, Station Level
09/18/18 Relocate Equipment & Install Carpet Station Level
09/18/18 Site Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade At New Castle County Churchmans
09/14/18 Omnicell CLC Construction - Station Level
09/11/18 Guardrail Upgrades, New Castle County, Open End, FY19-21
09/11/18 Coarse Aggregate South District
09/10/18 RFP - First Start Del-Early Head Start Child Care Partnership Expansio
09/06/18 Carvel State Office Building – Lobby Renovations
09/05/18 Duncan Readiness Center Envelope and Interior Improvements
09/05/18 Renovate 1 East
09/04/18 Facility Handrail Replacement
08/30/18 Bldg 1 3rd Floor OR Chiller replacement
08/29/18 Refuse Disposal and Treatment
08/28/18 Brand Name or Equal Bioautomation MerMade 4-0 DNA-RNA Synthesizer
08/27/18 Temper Type XLI, Air Supported
08/27/18 Modify Access Gates at Dover Air Force Base
08/27/18 Phragmities Control via Aerial (Helicopter) Herbic
08/24/18 Kubota Attachments and Installation
08/23/18 Secured Document Destruction
08/22/18 Provide and Install a Space Cap for Paramedic Response Vehicles
08/17/18 Pressure Mapping Tablet
08/17/18 Lake Forest High Paving

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