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State: Michigan

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/22/18 Medium Voltage Transmission Lines for Primary Service to the North Cam
03/22/18 Mowing & Trimming of Islands & Right-of-Ways
03/22/18 Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)
03/21/18 Mowing & Trimming of Parks
03/15/18 Lexington Green Park Sport Court Fencing
03/15/18 KHPS HS Boiler & Chiller Replacement & District Signage
03/15/18 Lexington Green Park Sport Court Improvements
03/13/18 Highway Maintenance Materials, Aggregates, Concrete
03/13/18 Pool Water Heaters Replacement
03/12/18 Early Childhood Center Renovations Phase II
03/12/18 Bid Package #2 - Paving, Concrete and Electrical
03/08/18 Request for Secure Entry Renovations and Asphalt Paving
03/08/18 Waverly Community Schools - Windemere View Demolition
03/08/18 Early Childhood Center Cafeteria and Gym Air Conditioning
03/08/18 2018 Roofing Project
03/08/18 Krause Elementary Carpet Replacement Bid
03/08/18 Invasive Species Service Purchase for Land St Fort Custer
03/08/18 North Penn & Purdy Site Improvements
03/08/18 Improvements To the Septic System
03/08/18 Rubber Chemical Remover
03/07/18 Purchase and Install 4 Basketball Rims and Backboards
03/06/18 Summer 2018 Warner Middle School Roof Replace Bid Pack #10A
03/06/18 New Softball and Baseball Fields
03/06/18 Kent ISD Lincoln Developmental Center Remodeling
02/24/18 Lawn Care & Snow Removal Services

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