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State: New York

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/08/18 Preventive Maintenance for HVAC and Ancillary Equipment
07/20/18 ITB - Property & Terrorism Insurance
07/18/18 Renovation of Varysburg Water Pump House
07/13/18 PS-17 Gym Lighting Replacement
07/11/18 Cart Services
07/11/18 Rehabilitate Ground Floor IT Space - Southworth Library
07/11/18 Highway Garage Shed Roof Addition
07/11/18 Transportation Full Year
07/11/18 Ice Cream
07/11/18 Bread
07/11/18 Transportation Fall/ Winter
07/11/18 Produce
07/09/18 Maintenance & Repair of County Equipment
07/09/18 Construction Management Services - Tribeca Pedestrian Bridge Painting
07/06/18 2016 SSBA (Electrical) Project
07/06/18 Purchase 2018 Ford F550
06/29/18 Purchase of 175 Hospeco Evogen EV1, or Equal, Dual Feminine Hygiene Di
06/29/18 2018 Highway Improvement Contract - Street Improvement Paving Repair
06/29/18 Freightliner OEM Parts and Repair Service for City of Yonkers Fleet
06/28/18 Acquisition of Network Core Switch
06/27/18 Purchase of a PM 2.5 Monitoring Station & Meteorological Monitoring St
06/26/18 Supply and Delivery of Concrete
06/26/18 Supply and Delivery of NYS DOT Hot Mix Asphalt Job Mix Formula Type 3
06/21/18 Hot Mix Asphalt Materials
06/21/18 Motor Oil / Fluids, Highway

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