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State: Nova Scotia

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/03/18 Grass Cutting
03/27/18 Ladder, Ship Boarding
03/23/18 Shared Administration Leased Space For the Nova Scotia Health Authorit
03/22/18 Repairs at 795 Highway 1 Comeauville (Cultural Hub)
03/21/18 Alarm Monitoring Services for All Housing Authorities
03/15/18 Interior / Exterior Painting, Various Buildings
03/15/18 Web-Based Transportation Demand Management Solution
03/15/18 RFQ - Boiler, Furnace, Chimney Inspection and Maintenance
03/14/18 Centrifugal Pump Unit
03/14/18 Request for EOI - Textile Diversion Partnerships
03/14/18 Employee Recognition Provider
03/14/18 Supply and Install Office Furniture, New Fitness Centre
03/13/18 Fuel Compliance Review
03/13/18 Spruce Drive Sidewalk Replacement
03/12/18 RFQ - Install Single Sloping Pitch On Roof - Construction Phase
03/09/18 Kearney Lake Cool Zone Renovation
03/09/18 Maintain and Supply Plants and Soil for 24 Planters also requiring Ins
03/08/18 Water / Sewer Services and Street Renewal - Alexander Street
03/08/18 Large Format Printer / Scanner
03/08/18 Ladder and Platform Refurbishment - Straight of Canso Range Towers
03/07/18 Request for Quote - GOC388563 -1 Flooring Replacement - Phase II - CPC
03/02/18 Construction Manager Standing Offer
03/02/18 Supply of Belden Certified Data Cables
03/02/18 Supply of Belden Certified Data Cables
03/01/18 Supply of Custom Built Network Harness Cables

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