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State: Texas

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/15/18 100% Electric Vehicle
03/13/18 Purchase of Thermoplastic Material
03/12/18 Dental Coverages
03/12/18 Group Life Coverages
03/10/18 Provide Project Management Services for a Community Development Block
03/08/18 Access & Revenue Control Solution - Parking and Ground Transportation
03/08/18 Construction of the Water, Sanitary Sewer and Drainage Facilties to Se
03/01/18 Printing of WOW Newsletters
02/28/18 Air Mattress
02/27/18 Water (Drinking)
02/27/18 Purchase of Central Processor Panels & Accessories
02/27/18 Purchase of Asphalt Patching Compound
02/27/18 Purchase of Fasteners
02/27/18 Roof, Plumbing, HVAC: Info in Header
02/27/18 Purchase of Tsunami Grip Red Nitrile Dip Glove
02/27/18 Pump, FLYGT Model BS-2008
02/27/18 Basic Code Enforcement Courses (Qualified Contractor Needed)
02/27/18 Coffee Creamer
02/27/18 Purchase of Lab General Supplies
02/27/18 Purchase of Refuse Parts OEM Parts
02/27/18 Fasteners
02/26/18 Electrical, HVAC: Info in Header
02/26/18 Purchase of Lab Instrument
02/26/18 Purchase of Exterior Latex for the Ronald Kirk Bridge
02/26/18 Purchase of Eyewash Preservative

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