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State: Missouri

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/21/18 Resurface From Mo 248 To Pirate Lane in Crane
09/21/18 Coldmill and resurface from I-44 at Route H to west of I-44 at Route 2
09/21/18 Slide Repair At Various Locations 0.3 Mile West of Rte. Y East of Hart
09/21/18 Slide Repair 0.4 mile east of Blankenship Road near Noel
09/21/18 Coldmill and Resurface From Route 60 To Route 30 and From Route 39 To
09/21/18 Resurface from Route 52 to Route 13
09/21/18 Pavement Improvements Between Route 100 and Route Y
09/21/18 Pavement Improvements Between Route 30 and Route 185
09/21/18 Pavement Improvements Between Route a and Route 110
09/21/18 Resurface from Route 65 to Route 54 on Route 83 and from Route 65 to e
09/21/18 Scour repair from North Connection of BUS 13 to .4 Miles South of Rte
09/21/18 Resurface From 0.4 Miles West of Route Y To Freemont
09/21/18 Resurface from Route 17 to Mountain View
09/21/18 Slide Repair Various Locations Along Rte. 67 in Wayne County
09/21/18 Resurface from Route 181 to Route 63
09/21/18 Resurface at County Road 143 to Parsons Drive
09/17/18 Central District, Maries County, City of Belle Sidewalk Improvements a
09/07/18 Supply: Neosho Nfh Ultrasound Machine
08/30/18 Motor Graders - Multiple Award
08/29/18 Street Lighting Poles With Brackets
08/28/18 Janitorial Services
08/27/18 Sale of Semi Red Brass
08/27/18 Advantech Managed Network Switches
08/22/18 On Call As Needed Sweeping Service
08/21/18 Type Smooth Steel Pipe

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