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State: Indiana

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/13/17 Exclusive Athletic Apparel
12/13/17 Fire Sprinkler
12/12/17 Spec AI - One (1) or More, 2018 or Newer Standard 4x4, Four Door Utili
12/12/17 Spec AJ - Repair and Install Overhead Doors for all City Departments
12/12/17 HVAC Upgrade
12/12/17 Spec AH - One (1) or More, New Four Wheel Drive Compact Tractor w/Quic
12/12/17 Spec AF - One (1) or More, 2017 or Newer, Tandem Axle Dump Truck
12/12/17 Sanitary Sewer Improvements
12/12/17 Spec AD - One (1) or More 2017 or Newer Tandem Axle Multi-Use Dump Tru
12/12/17 Morris Performing Arts Center: Water Softener System
12/12/17 Spec AG - Two (2) More or Less, 2018 or Newer, 1/2 Ton Crew Cab Four W
12/12/17 Spec AK - Two (2) More or Less, 2018 or Newer, 18,000 lb. Four Wheel D
12/12/17 RFP - Venues, Parks, & Arts Experiential Recreation Vehicle
12/11/17 2018 Downtown Improvements Project
12/11/17 Lease a Portion of MFD's Station 74 the Merrillville Fire Department's
12/08/17 Health Mental Health Recovery Expansion
12/08/17 Construction of the Centennial Park ADA Improvements Project
12/06/17 Knobview Hall Multi-restroom Renovation
12/05/17 Street Sweeper
12/05/17 Green Infrastructure Maintenance for City of Hobart Storm Water Distri
12/01/17 Sale of Real Estate United Neighborhoods
11/30/17 Two (2) Single Axle Chassis With Dump Bodies, Hoists, Snow Plows, Scra
11/30/17 Three (3) Single Axle Chassis With Dump Bodies, Hoists, Snow Plows, Sa
11/30/17 Three Quarter Ton (3/4) 4WD Pick-ups With Snow Plows
11/30/17 Two (2) Trailer Mounted 25 Cubic Yard Vacuum Leaf Collecting Machine V

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