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State: Kentucky

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/16/18 Fencing Repair and Replacement
05/15/18 Construction of Liberty Road Pump Station
05/10/18 Hill Street Sidewalk Rehabilitation
05/10/18 Bowman Field Airport - 2018 Asphalt Rehabilitation
05/10/18 Lee County Fire Department Roof Replacement & Renovation
05/10/18 Louisville International Airport - Quick Turnaround Lot Pavement Rehab
05/10/18 Louisville International Airport - 2018 Surface Parking Lot Asphalt Re
05/09/18 Glaser Lane Area Water Main Replacement Project
05/08/18 Harlan County Courthouse Rest Room Renovation-phase 1&2
05/04/18 Concession - Beach - Lake Malone State Park
05/03/18 Chemical Waste Disposal- Master Agreement
05/03/18 Fuel Testing
05/02/18 Tower Site Generator Replacement
05/01/18 OVR CDPVTC Nursing Service FY19-20
05/01/18 OVR CDPVTC Physician Services FY 19-20
05/01/18 OVR/CDPVTC Licensed Physical Therapist
05/01/18 OVR CDPVTC Pharmacist
05/01/18 OVR CDPVTC Psychiatrist Services FY19-20
05/01/18 Drainage Pipe
04/30/18 Whole Server
04/30/18 Investigators
04/30/18 KY Welding Technology Teachers Professional Development
04/30/18 Janitorial Services at the Kentucky State Treasurer's Office
04/30/18 Licensed Clinical Social Worker
04/26/18 Replacement of Certain Gutters, Downspouts and Collectors

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