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State: Kentucky

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/09/18 Financial Advisor Services
12/18/17 Consequence Management Support Center (CoMSupCen)
12/14/17 Biohazardous & Regulated Medical Waste Collection, Transportation & Fi
12/07/17 Clamps Inventory
12/07/17 A New One Ton Regular Cab Truck With Utility Bed
12/07/17 Removal and Disposition of Sludge
12/06/17 Sale of Surplus 2005 Ford Chassis and Cab
12/06/17 College of Law Expansion and Renovation
12/06/17 Sale of Surplus 2007 Ford Chassis and Cab
12/05/17 Campus Facilities Demolition
12/04/17 Digital Telephone System
12/02/17 A/E Service to Upgrade Service Elevators S4 & S5 at the Lexington VA
12/01/17 RFI - Park Furnishings
12/01/17 Hybrid Power Articulated Aerial Tracked Lift
11/30/17 Charter Bus Services
11/29/17 Taylorsvtlle Lake Sewer System Improvements
11/28/17 Student Renters Insurance
11/28/17 KY Airman-Solider of the Year 2018
11/27/17 One Year of US Insider Filing Data
11/27/17 Container, Deployable
11/22/17 Ed Spear and Phil Moore Parks - Safe Room
11/22/17 Strength Training Equipment
11/21/17 Irrigation Pump
11/21/17 SNF Polydyne Clarifloc C-1500 or Equivalent/ SNF Polydyne Clarifloc CE
11/20/17 Beet Juice Roadway

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