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State: Puerto Rico

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/23/18 Design Build to Replace Generator Number 5 Project No. 672-17-601 to
04/23/18 Design Build Project 672-18-601 Required to Upgrade the Lightning Pro
03/26/18 MHE Maintenance and Repair Services
03/09/18 Third Quarter Dairy Products / Form 10
03/09/18 Third Quarter Subsistence Form 10
03/09/18 Third Quarter Kosher Form 10
03/09/18 Third Quarter Bread / Form 10
03/09/18 Third Quarter Paper Goods Form 10
03/05/18 Services: Postal Address Verification Services
03/05/18 SERVICES: Postal Address Verification Services
03/02/18 Water Sampling
02/27/18 Religious Musician
02/26/18 TKWR182301 Punta Borinquen ANGB Repair Roofs Bldg 33 and 35 at Punta B
02/26/18 Pre-packaged Meals Basic Leader Course 1-23 March Pr Arng
02/26/18 Material Handling Gear 191 CS HHD RSG MOB PR ARNG
02/23/18 Puerto Rico Power Grid Repair Parts
02/23/18 National Sea Grant College Program
02/20/18 UPS Battery Replacement
02/20/18 CCTV Security System
02/16/18 AutoExpreso, Use of Puerto Rico Tollways for Student and Administrativ
02/16/18 Rental of Temporary Office Space - SOLE SOURCE
02/06/18 Bioanalytical Super Script III - SOLE SOURCE
02/05/18 Fuel Ops Safety Equipment
11/24/17 Single Family Housing Caretaker Services
08/07/17 Design Build Station Project 672-16-920Renovate Community Living Cente

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