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State: Ohio

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/19/18 Innovative Technologies for Drying, Continuous Air Flow
11/19/18 Environmentally-Friendly Approaches for Prevention of Carbon Steel Cor
11/16/18 Halloran Park Ice Skating Rink - Phase 2 - Architectural, Mechanical,
11/16/18 Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Testing Services and Security Au
11/16/18 RFP - Precise Micropatterning on Metal Surfaces
11/14/18 Full Service Travel Management Company with Online Travel Management S
11/12/18 Two (2) Proposed Cardiac Monitors, One (1) Automated CPR Device, and T
11/09/18 Campus Lab Modernization-Package No. 2-Fawcett Hall Chemistry Laborato
11/06/18 Construction Services for the Roadway Improvements - Guardrail & Fence
11/05/18 Wwc Customer Service Office/sever Room Physical Improvements
11/02/18 Foster Care Licensing System
11/02/18 TourismOhio Fulfillment Services
10/30/18 Asphalt Concrete At Vendors Location
10/30/18 Asphalt Cold Mix Patch Material
10/29/18 Rack, Storage, Small
10/29/18 Panel, Power Distribution
10/29/18 Motor, Alternating Current
10/29/18 Carbonated Soft Drinks Official Sponsor
10/29/18 Proposed Firefighting Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
10/25/18 Snow Fence
10/25/18 Native Seed Buy
10/25/18 Milling & Micro-Milling
10/24/18 Rotor, Motor
10/23/18 Misc. Overhead Infrastructure Parts for Stock and CareSource Project
10/19/18 RFP - Improved Performance of Engineered Wood Panels

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