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State: Virgin Islands

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/23/18 R&A IDIQ Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands *Cancelled*
04/30/18 Aligning Tool, Rotate
04/18/18 Landscaping Services, St. Thomas
04/16/18 Toolroom Lathe
04/13/18 Hovensa Parking Lot Repairs
04/10/18 Clinical Services Provider
04/09/18 Direct Leasing Property Management Company
04/06/18 St. Thomsas Bunker Restoration
04/06/18 To Purchase A/C Repair and Maintenance Parts
04/04/18 Option - Janitorial Services
04/04/18 Option - Janitorial Services - CANCELLED
03/29/18 Off Island Disposal of Hurricane Vegetative Debris
03/26/18 Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspector
03/21/18 St Thomas Bunker Restoration - REVISED
03/19/18 St Thomas Bunker Restoration
03/07/18 Generator Maintenance and Repair USVI
02/21/18 External Conflict Management Services
02/10/18 Provide, Install, and Maintain a Start a Leased Tail 1.544mb Access Ci
01/15/18 Medical Clinic (DOH - St. Thomas)
01/15/18 Medical Clinic (DOH - St. Thomas)
01/15/18 Medical Clinic - St. John (USVI)
01/04/18 Toolroom Lathe
01/04/18 Toolroom Mill
12/29/17 Radial Drill Machine
12/28/17 Lexmark Toners

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