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State: New Mexico

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/24/18 Pathology Services
09/14/18 Infested With Noxious and Invasive Weeds
09/14/18 Physical Therapy Services
09/13/18 Production Studio and Fully Functional Television Station in Santa Fe*
09/11/18 Carpet Cleaning for Clovis Municipal School District
09/11/18 Dry Lake Hills Irsc
09/10/18 Uniforms
09/07/18 Hardware, Software and Peripherals
08/30/18 UFR Child Development Center Furniture
08/29/18 Gas Personal Monitors & Docking Stations
08/27/18 Laptop and Ipads
08/27/18 Purchase an 18" Short-staple Controlled Bat Saw Type Lint Cleaner for
08/24/18 Solicitation Hazardous Waste Site, Recovery of
08/24/18 Children and Youth Commission/ Human Services Committee 2018 Strategic
08/24/18 2-General 2018-19, Moving Services
08/24/18 1-General 2018-19, On-Call Testing Adjusting and Balancing Agency Serv
08/24/18 Command Post Console
08/21/18 Reading Textbooks
08/17/18 New Portable Freezer
08/17/18 Kitchen Equipment
08/16/18 It Services
08/16/18 Purchase Skid Steer Equipment
08/15/18 Emergency Therapeutic Services
08/15/18 Occupational Services
08/15/18 Physical Therapy Services

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