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State: Nebraska

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/12/18 Beverage and Snack Vending Operations
12/04/18 Conveyance Inspections
11/16/18 RFP - Battery Operated Tools, Accessories and Services
11/15/18 Cemetery Pumping Station
11/14/18 Provide, Install, and Maintain the New Lease of a 2.5GB Wave Service
11/14/18 Provide, Install, and Maintain the New Lease of a 2.5GB Wave Service
11/13/18 Security Fence Replacement Operating & Construction
11/07/18 2018 Betts Circle Drainage Project
11/06/18 (2) New 2019/2020 Awd or 4wd Special Services Vehicles
11/01/18 Trail 4 Electrical and Water Upgrade
11/01/18 Gretna Senior Living Subdivision Public Improvements - South 208th Str
10/31/18 Washington County Rural Water System Surfside Water Main
10/31/18 RFI Number Electronic Health Records, NDCS
10/30/18 Platte Building Reroof
10/30/18 Purchase of Two (2) 2019 Police Package Utility Motor Vehicles
10/26/18 Unit Price = Systems Furniture Moving/Installation Services
10/26/18 Application of Fertilizer and Chemicals
10/26/18 Columbus Police Station - New Facility
10/25/18 Ready Mixed Concrete
10/24/18 Drainage Improvement Project 700878 at NW 7th & Highland Blvd. (PW/U -
10/24/18 RFI Inmate Accounting And Canteen Software
10/23/18 Quote Request: Grader Blades
10/22/18 Propane for Livetock and Farm Operations
10/19/18 Quote Request: Valmont Pole
10/18/18 Technology Building Renovation 2018

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