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State: Rhode Island

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/16/18 RFP - Relocation Assistance Consulting Services
11/16/18 Relocation Assistance Consulting Services
11/15/18 Blauer Short & Long Sleeve Polo Shirts & Trousers
11/14/18 State Fleet Fuel Management System
11/13/18 Oxygen Medical, Liquid Bulk and Cylinder Rental for Two Locations
11/09/18 Miscellaneous Improvement
11/08/18 Sycamore Lodge Roof Deck Repairs
11/07/18 Lawn Maintenance - Mowing for Westerly Water Department
11/07/18 Congestion Management Process for the State of Rhode Island
11/06/18 Electric Golf Cars
11/05/18 Wrist Bands
11/01/18 Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) Services
11/01/18 Probate Software
11/01/18 Street and Traffic Signage
10/31/18 Professional Engineering Services for Wastewater Related Projects for
10/30/18 Financial Audit Services
10/30/18 Snow Removal Assistance
10/30/18 Sodium Hydroxide
10/30/18 New KILN
10/30/18 Electric Car
10/29/18 2019 Town Calendar
10/24/18 Frames, Grates & Covers
10/24/18 Leasing of Location on Existing Tower
10/24/18 Irrigation System Installation Cass Park
10/15/18 Demo 5 Norwich Ave

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