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State: Rhode Island

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/31/18 Preservation Revitalization Deferred Loan Program
12/31/18 Preservation Loan Fund
03/23/18 On - Site Solar Project and Net Metering Agreement
03/19/18 Searching of Titles
03/19/18 Narragansett Bay Commission - Pretreatment HVAC
03/16/18 Voice Logger Systems
03/15/18 Hydraulic Root Cutter
03/14/18 Satellite Service
03/14/18 Narragansett Bay Commission - Gas
03/13/18 Browne Hall-Custom Drapery for Closet-RIC
03/12/18 Narragansett Bay Commission - Fencing
03/12/18 Toro Equipment Repair, Parts & Services
03/12/18 Sweeping Services
03/09/18 Wickford Heritage Park Playground Rebuild
03/09/18 Wickford Heritage Park Playground Rebuild
03/08/18 Emergency Generator Systems Maintenance, Repair and Inspections – Li
03/08/18 McGinn Action Skate Park
03/07/18 Public Relations Services
03/07/18 Event Planner
03/06/18 Standard Grounds Maintenance
03/05/18 Narragansett Bay Commission - Van
03/05/18 Printing and Signage
03/05/18 Communication and Marketing Contractor
03/02/18 Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) Inspection Services
03/01/18 Grinnell's Beach - Concrete Slab, Access Ramp and Sidewalks

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