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State: District of Col

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/28/19 Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program
02/01/19 American Schools and Hospitals Abroad Program Worldwide
01/09/19 American Indian or Native Hawaiian Non-profit Organization Child Care
01/04/19 2018 Targeted Airshed Grant Program
12/17/18 Legal Socialization in Moldovan Schools
12/17/18 Establishing a Family Justice Center in Moldova
12/13/18 Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration
12/07/18 Chesapeake Bay Program Office Fiscal Year 2019 Request for Application
11/16/18 Disaster Recovery and Logistics Operations.
11/12/18 USAC Request for Proposal: WordPress Hosting Services
10/31/18 USPSC OTI Human Capital Talent Management Team Lead - Washington, D.C.
10/29/18 Processed Cereal Products for use in Domestic Food Assistance Programs
10/29/18 WILD Rice, Traditionally-harvested Product for use in Domestic Food As
10/26/18 Business Line service for United States Army Recruiting Command (USARE
10/26/18 Training
10/26/18 Business Line Service for United States Army Recruiting Command
10/24/18 Specifications For Contract Printing Of Tax Instruction 1040 Full Cart
10/23/18 2m030521 Swing Complete Units
10/22/18 NetApp Support
10/22/18 West African Coastal Areas (WACA: Market Place Preparation and Platfor
10/22/18 CSOSA Town Hall Event
10/19/18 Lab Equipment
10/19/18 Analytical Support Services
10/18/18 Spare Part
09/13/18 Fingerprinting Software

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