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State: Maine

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/24/18 Snow Plowing
09/14/18 Piston, Valve
09/14/18 Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
09/14/18 Rod, Welding
09/03/18 Snow Plowing, Salting, & Sanding 32 Miles of Town Roads
08/31/18 Software Solution
08/29/18 Closed Circuit Television Services/Region 4
08/29/18 Lunt Road Bridge Replacement and Lambert Street Bridge Rehabilitation
08/29/18 Pavement Overlay and Intersection Improvements
08/28/18 4 Cubic Yard Wheel Loader-Second Bid
08/28/18 Potvin and Marcotte Park Playground Equipment
08/28/18 2019 HD Police Electra Glides
08/27/18 Paint, Blast, and Rubber Consolidation Facility
08/27/18 Power Conditioned Uninterruptible Power Supply
08/23/18 Grounds Maintenance Services, Landscaping & Snow Removal at UM Machias
08/23/18 Sale of Tax Acquired Properties
08/23/18 Snow Removal & Sanding Services
08/21/18 Custodial, Public Safety, Alfred Barracks, Troop A
08/20/18 Quick DON Replacement Parts (AVOX) *Sole Source*
08/20/18 Fire Station Jail Cell Demolition
08/17/18 Demineralizers
08/17/18 Composite Ladders
08/15/18 2019 Manual Hunting & Fishing Licenses
08/14/18 Construct Specialty Care Addition VAMC Togus, Augusta *Cancelled*
07/26/18 Perform X-Ray Room #3 Site-Prep Togus VAMC

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