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State: Alabama

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/14/18 RFP - BRT Vehicle Procurement
02/26/18 Freedom Manor renovations
02/22/18 Pest Control Services
02/20/18 Circuit Card Assembly
02/20/18 Eastlake WWTP Solids Handling Improvements
02/19/18 Blower Assembly
02/13/18 Emily Thigpen Hall Asbestos Abatement Project
02/13/18 Dothan Utilities Fiberglass Reinforced Chlorine Storage Building Mater
02/12/18 Vacant Unit Preparation
02/12/18 Procurement Process Review
02/12/18 On Call Plumbing Services
02/06/18 Wastewater Treatment U V Lamps
02/06/18 New Pickup Trucks
02/06/18 Waste Water Treatment Plant Polymer
02/05/18 Soil Removal/Soil Placement
02/05/18 Task Force Safety Assessments of Fire and Electricity (TF SAFE) within
02/02/18 Gear, Spur
02/02/18 Cable Assembly, Spec
02/01/18 City Hall Accounting and Finance Renovations
02/01/18 Troy EMA Cameras - Material
01/30/18 Juniper Street Sidewalk Extension
01/30/18 Uniform Garments - Field Employees
01/29/18 Bracket, Mounting
01/29/18 Piers 3, 4, 8 Roof Repairs
01/23/18 Comprehensive Strategic Planning and Assessment Management System

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