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State: Alabama

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/13/20 Administrative Services
01/10/20 Wide Area Network (Wan) and Internet Services
01/09/20 Renovation of the Hallmark House- allmark House Warrior
01/09/20 University Office Building Parking Deck Build New
01/08/20 Janitorial Services - Fleet Mtce Bldg
01/08/20 Area Roadway Ownership/Maintenance Study
01/08/20 Statewide Plumbing Department of Transportation
01/07/20 Translation and Interpretation Services - ALSDE
01/07/20 National Forest Timber for Sale
01/07/20 Trees, Seedlings
01/07/20 Replace Fuel Tanks - Military Department/AASF#3 - Mobile
01/05/20 Marshall Integrated Program Support Services (MIPSS) Blanket Purchase
12/24/19 Pump Assembly, Fuel
12/23/19 Absorber Assembly
12/20/19 Alabama National Guard Construction MATOC
12/19/19 Air Compressor
12/17/19 Re-roofing Building #6
12/16/19 Employee Assistance Option
12/12/19 24oz Water bottle and Multiple Designs
12/11/19 Huddle House- New Construction
12/11/19 Huddle House- Renovation
12/11/19 Turf Equipment - Rec & Wellness
12/10/19 187 FW Presolicitation Site Visit, Construct Awning
12/09/19 Switch Assembly
12/09/19 Shield, Electronic Components

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