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State: Alabama

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/30/19 To Replace Operator's Cab On Barko Model 295B
11/21/19 Statements of Qualifications - Airport Planning and Engineering Consu
11/20/19 RFP - Emergency Mitigation Recovery and Restoration Services
11/14/19 Interior Coating of Tanks
11/07/19 RFP - Medicaid Pharmacy Average Acquisition Cost Program
11/06/19 Tack Coat for Asphalt Resurfacing
11/01/19 Shaft Assembly
10/31/19 Controlled Access Fence
10/31/19 IFB - Chase Painting
10/31/19 Ten Hoor Hall 319 Arts and Sciences Computer Lab Renovation
10/30/19 Nozzle Assembly, Fla
10/30/19 Publix & Shops Clift Farms
10/29/19 Bama Dining Exhaust Hood Project
10/29/19 Live Fish for Public Fishing Lakes
10/29/19 IFB - Traffic Control Highway Maintenance Items
10/29/19 Opera House Carpet Replacement
10/24/19 Surplus Property Sale
10/24/19 Building Materials
10/24/19 Asbestos Removal *RE-BID*
10/22/19 Bearing, Plain, Self-ali
10/22/19 Alternative Time Synchronization Technologies Related To Adversaries D
10/22/19 Potassium Permanganate
10/17/19 RAID (Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment) Tower Operators
03/21/19 Valve, Anti-icing
01/07/19 Hoist Kit Assembly

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