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State: Indiana

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/31/19 Multi-spectral Imaging Sensor (msis
11/08/18 Elevated Exterior Tank Project
10/29/18 Lease Purchase of Four (4) New (current Year Production) Diesel Powere
10/29/18 One New (current Year Production) Bituminous Distributor for the Porte
10/19/18 City of Fishers Old Police Department Door and Window Replacement
10/15/18 Razing/demolition of the Existing Structures
10/12/18 Montdale Emergency Access Drive
10/11/18 One (1) – 1500 GPM Custom Pumper Fire Apparatus
10/11/18 IN345 Biotech & Research – AHU-2 & AHU-3 Component Re placement
10/09/18 Rehabilitation of 2936 West 11th Street
10/09/18 Pre-qualification - Main Street Park Project #2
10/09/18 2018 Non-retail Police Patrol Vehicles
10/08/18 Paving, Patching, Resurfacing, and Treatment of Butler Road
10/04/18 GCIAA East Corporate Hangar Project
10/04/18 Condit House Roof Replacement *RE-BID*
10/03/18 A new chiller (equipment only) at Eastside Intermediate School
10/02/18 Gravel Mix
10/02/18 Annual Requirements for Liquid Ferric Sulfate
09/27/18 Patoka Lake Concrete RV Pad
09/25/18 Sell Bonds $5,000,000 Ad Valorem Property Tax First Mortgage Bonds, Se
09/25/18 Upgrading and Maintenance for the Desert Wind Blowing Sand & Dust Cham
09/24/18 Armored Car Services RLRVAMC, Indianapolis
09/24/18 Stihl Brushcutter & Clearing Saw (Brand Name Only)
09/20/18 Assorted Physical Therapy Equipment from ACPL nd09.30
11/28/17 Transformer PN77D620111

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