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State: Indiana

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/23/21 Boulevard Improvements
02/22/21 Entrance Repair and Stadium Turf Renovation Project 2021
02/17/21 School Corporation Bid Phase 2
02/16/21 Window & Door Renovation
02/12/21 Inspection for School Zone Warning Signals/Pedestrian Crossing Signals
02/12/21 Transit Oriented Development FTA Pilot Planning Program
02/11/21 Garage Precast Louver Panels (Phase II)
02/09/21 Construction Inspection
02/08/21 Pavement Preservation Projects Micro-Surfacing & HMA Asphalt Overlay
02/08/21 Service Street Storm Sewer Improvements
02/08/21 County CE Services
02/08/21 County PE and ROW Services
02/08/21 Furnishing and Application of Hot Mastic Asphalt
02/05/21 Household Hazardous Waste 2021
02/05/21 Lease of Real Estate
02/05/21 Disposal of Waste Oil
02/05/21 Request for Qualifications - Audio Visual Package
02/04/21 New Office and Gatehouse Building
02/04/21 Steel Square Signposts and Accessories
02/04/21 Replacing Exterior Doors, Frames and Hardware
02/04/21 School Roofing Projects
02/03/21 Roundabout Construction
02/03/21 Construction Equipment Rental Strategic Sourcing Program
02/02/21 2020 Wastewater System Improvements - Contract A - Sanitary Sewer Reha
01/29/21 Real Property for Lease

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