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State: Indiana

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/30/22 Provide the Town With As Needed On Site General Street and Infrastruct
11/17/22 Streetscape Phase VII
11/08/22 ITB - New Driving Range
10/30/22 Government Seeks Space
10/28/22 Barn Restoration
10/28/22 Sale of Property
10/28/22 RFP - CE Services for Trail
10/26/22 Portable Restroom and Handwashing Containers
10/24/22 22-VF-4-REPL of Victory Field Dry Pipe SprinKler System
10/20/22 Demolition of Properties - Unsafe Buildings
10/17/22 1500 GPM Pumper/Engine
10/13/22 GSA Seeks Office Space
10/13/22 State Museum Elevators
10/13/22 2022 Mill & Overlay Phase II
10/11/22 Wastewater Project Phase II - Contract B – Wastewater Collection Sy
10/11/22 Library-Interior Renovation
10/10/22 Demolition Project
10/10/22 SOLE SOURCE - Radiated Energy Tracking Sub-System (RETS)
10/07/22 ITB - LED Lighting Retrofit Installation
10/07/22 Evaluation, Repair, Rebuild, and Manufacture of An/sps-49 L-band Klyst
10/05/22 Preventative Maintenance for the Water Treatment System
10/05/22 Golf Course Cellular Tower and Equipment Building Addition
09/29/22 Sealed Bid, Patcher
09/28/22 Elementary Office Addition and Partial Renovation
09/23/22 Polymedco Cancer Diagnostic Products

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