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State: Indiana

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/04/20 Property, Liability and Workman's Comp Insurance
10/22/20 Construction for the Environmental Wing Addition Projects At Numerous
10/21/20 Water Utility Improvements
10/19/20 Purchase of Certain Real Estate
10/16/20 Village Apartment Re-Roofing
10/15/20 Cyberinfrastructure Bldg. (CIB) - Rooms 313A, 313B, and 313C Remodel
10/13/20 Two (2) More or Less, 2020 or Newer, Three-Quarter Ton Four Wheel Driv
10/13/20 Three (3) More or Less, 2020 or Newer, Front Wheel Drive Cargo Vans
10/13/20 Four (4), More or Less, 2020 or Newer Standard AWD 4-Door Utility Vehi
10/13/20 One (1) or More, 2020 or Newer, 18,000 Lb
10/13/20 One (1) or More, 2020 or Newer, Full Size Cargo Van – Spec Q
10/08/20 Snow Removal Parking Lot
10/07/20 Intersection Improvements
10/06/20 New Overhead Door Project
10/05/20 Tandem Dump Truck
10/02/20 Styrofoam Trays
10/02/20 Chicken Patties
10/02/20 Fish Patty And Filets
10/02/20 Turkey Roast
10/02/20 Pork Roast And Sausage
10/02/20 Ground Beef And Beef Patties
10/02/20 Chicken Breast And Chicken Leg Quarters
10/02/20 Roast Beef Bottom Round
10/01/20 RFP - Cash Renting Ground
09/29/20 Notice of Intent to Sole Source *SOLE SOURCE*

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