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State: Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/16/20 Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering
08/12/20 Sawdust Deliveries
08/07/20 Restroom Lobby Redesign
08/06/20 On-Demand Trade Services: Mechanical & Plumbing
08/05/20 HVAC Replacement
08/04/20 Public Safety Uniforms
08/03/20 Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) Grant Opportunity
08/03/20 Purchase of Nutrient Credits
07/31/20 Public Service Center Construction Pre-Engineered Building Project
07/29/20 Inspection of Fire Suppression
07/29/20 Parking Deck Repairs
07/22/20 FOB Aggregate
07/17/20 Dam Ground Maintenance
07/15/20 ETC Source 4 LED Fixtures
07/14/20 Get Your Brand Seen By Millions of Travelers Each Year
07/14/20 Get Your Logo Seen Around Town
07/14/20 Advertise On the Safety Service Patrol Fleet
07/13/20 Assorted Snacks and Candy
07/13/20 McKee Foods - Variety of Snack Cakes
07/13/20 Kd/Vdc/Liquid Hand Soap (Retail Pack)/07-20
07/13/20 July2020 Bulbs and Ballast
07/13/20 Kd/Vdc/Can Tomato Items, 2 (Kosher Cert.)/07-20/Lot Bid
07/13/20 Kd/Vdc/Can Tuna {Kosher Cert.}/07-20
07/09/20 Phs 731 International Certificate of Vaccination
07/09/20 AST Instruction PT Gear

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