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State: Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/16/19 Transmitter, Temperature
11/29/19 Spray Tip, Nozzle
11/15/19 Pallet Services
11/15/19 Pump /Scrape and Dispose Grease Trap Waste for 15 Schools
11/11/19 Solar Power Purchase Agreement Services
11/05/19 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
11/01/19 Branded Personal Pan Pizza
11/01/19 Stop Loss Insurance Services
10/31/19 Anonymous Saftey Reporting Application
10/31/19 Conference Facilities and Services VDOT Local Programs
10/30/19 FY 20 ISN/NDF Mission Support and Specialized Technical Services
10/30/19 Cleaning of Primary Digester at Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Pl
10/29/19 Automatic Temperature Control System ReplacementAutomatic Temperature
10/28/19 2020 Express 3/4 Ton Cargo Van or Equivalent
10/25/19 Extinguisher,Fire
10/25/19 Detector, Gas
10/24/19 On an On-call Basis, Provide Luminaires
10/24/19 Rooftop Multi-Zone Replacements
10/24/19 Water Heater Replacement
10/22/19 Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies for Ongoing Needs
10/18/19 Medical Supplies
10/18/19 MtEverClimb Continuous Rope Climbing Machine
10/17/19 Portable Cooking Equipment
10/15/19 Gymnasium Curtain Divider Replacement
07/30/19 HP Annual Support Renewal for Hardware Equipment *Awarded*

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