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State: Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/09/18 Kit, Filter
03/07/18 Receiver Assy, Tied for the H-60 Helicopter
03/05/18 Duct, Turbine Exhaust - FMF / Aircraft, B-2 Bomber (ATB) *SOLE SOURCE*
02/22/18 HVAC and Lighting System Replacement, Phase 5
02/22/18 Marine Transportation Research Subscription
02/22/18 Model Based Systems Engineering
02/21/18 Parts Kit, Valve, Dep *SOLE SOURCE*
02/20/18 Smithsonian Audio Visual Work
02/13/18 Aircraft Components *SOLE SOURCE*
02/12/18 Duct Assembly, Air Conditioner for B-1B (ACFT)
02/09/18 Storage Retrieval System Preventative And Remedial Maintenance
02/05/18 Plate Structural, Aircraft *SOLE SOURCE*
02/05/18 Former, Aircraft *SOLE SOURCE*
02/05/18 Bearing, Ball, Annular, EIA: Multiple Helicopters
02/05/18 Bushing, Sleeve
02/05/18 Aircraft Parts *SOLE SOURCE*
02/02/18 Military Connectors
02/02/18 Safety Board Kit
02/01/18 Battery Assembly
01/30/18 Ball Valve
01/29/18 60 Ton Water Chiller Unit Rental
01/26/18 PTC Integrity Software Renewal *SOLE SOURCE*
01/24/18 Wiring Harness
01/24/18 FF Smart Inspection
01/23/18 Tool Assembly

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