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State: Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/01/23 Transit, Rail, and Commuter Assistance Program (CAP) Grants
01/05/23 External Review of Library Services
12/30/22 RFP - Foreign Direct Investment
12/21/22 New Contract, Bronze Veteran Medallions
12/19/22 Workrite Nomex IIIA Uniforms for Fire and Rescue Personnel
12/16/22 Vehicles for Public Works
12/15/22 HVAC Upgrades
12/14/22 Carbon Dioxide - Liquid Pool Chemical for IDA Lee Recreation Center
12/13/22 RFP - Hep C Coordination Services
12/12/22 Scrap Metal Recycling (unsealed)
12/12/22 Professional Legal Services
12/10/22 Synopsis USNS NEWPORT ROH/DD
12/09/22 Drink and Snack Vending Coin Operated Machines
12/09/22 High Pressure Breathing Air Systems - Fire Station 8
12/08/22 Optometry Clinics & Referrals Services
12/06/22 Rental Space for Career Fair
12/06/22 Delivered Stone
12/03/22 Land for Sale
12/02/22 Camera, Infrared, Ind
12/02/22 Receiver, Indicator
12/02/22 Strainer Assembly
12/02/22 Screw, Cap, Hexagon H
12/02/22 Tool Kit, Fiber Optic System
11/28/22 Rice, Dice Pears, Cottonseed Oil
11/28/22 Drone Upgrade

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