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State: Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/24/20 T-Handle, Assembly-Fire for the UH-60 Aircraft *SOLE SOURCE*
01/22/20 Avon Park Water Storage Tank Security Improvements
01/22/20 Request for Qualifications - Purchase and Re-Use/Redevelopment of the
01/17/20 Electronic Billing and Payment
01/14/20 PM and Repair Services of HVAC Equipment-Public Utilities
01/08/20 Paving
01/07/20 Timber for Sale - Pads Creek Reoffer Sale
12/31/19 Remove and Replace Acoustical Tile Ceiling
12/20/19 Parks & Recreation Programs and Activities
12/20/19 Purchase Delivery, and Installation of 3 New Serving Counters and Unin
12/19/19 Flashlight
12/19/19 Valve, Regulating, Te
12/19/19 Flashlight
12/18/19 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD
12/16/19 Champion Barbell 4-Way Multi-Station (Brand Name or Equivalent)
12/13/19 2020 Janitorial Services
12/12/19 Krueger International Tables
12/11/19 SOW Training and Pre-Vocational Employment Services Peer Lead
12/11/19 Switchgear Station Batteries
12/11/19 Kd/vdc/Condiment Packets (4)/12-19/Lot Bid
12/11/19 Kd/vdc/Peanut Butter {Kosher Cert.}/2 Pack Sizes/12-19/lot Bid
12/11/19 Athletics Intercom System and Streaming Equipment
12/11/19 Provide and Install Pipes for Rotary Screw Compressor
12/11/19 License Plate Polybags
12/07/19 Valve, Breakaway *SOLE SOURCE*

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