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State: District of Col

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/14/21 Advisory Services in Areas of Health Care Financing and Medicare
04/20/21 Engineering TPC Synopsis
04/19/21 PHMSA Pipeline Safety Research and Development Research Announcement
03/31/21 Flooring Services
03/22/21 The Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Combined Federal Campaign
03/22/21 NAMA 2160356 Additional Cleaning - SOLE SOURCE
03/19/21 Planning and Technical Assistance Support Services
03/19/21 Provide Passenger Transportation Services
03/15/21 Risk Management & Capital Assessment Projections *SOLE SOURCE*
03/15/21 Marine Corps Recruiting Billboards
03/15/21 Elevator Maintenance
03/12/21 Currency Labels
03/12/21 A1 Infrared Sensor
03/11/21 Consumable Medical Supplies (CMS)
03/11/21 Electronic Subscription Renewal *SOLE SOURCE*
03/10/21 Nama Annual Helical Anchor Testing
03/09/21 Janitorial Service *SOLE SOURCE*
03/09/21 RFI for CRSS Coding Operations Resource Center
03/08/21 OFEGLI Return Envelope
03/08/21 OFEGLI Return Envelope
03/08/21 Medical Personnel For Fema Covid-19 Vaccine Support
03/08/21 Software Capability That Generates Construction Repair Line Item Costs
03/08/21 Sterile Water for Injection 20 ML
03/05/21 FNS-252 Spanish USDA-SNAP Application for Stores (Spanish)
03/05/21 Custom Manufactured Pressure Seal Paper

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