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State: District of Col

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/05/20 Solenoid Valve Health Monitoring System
12/05/20 Adaptive Spatial Resolution Enables Focused Fiber Optic Sensing
12/05/20 Frequency Diversity Pulse Pair Algorithm for Mitigation of Radar Range
12/05/20 Wastewater Treatment and Remediation
12/05/20 Harsh Environment Protective Housings
02/07/20 National Consortium for Applied Hypersonics
01/24/20 Leadership Development: 360 Degree Assessment On-Line Tool for DOT
01/10/20 Professional Administration, Logistics, and Management Services
01/06/20 Analytic & Technical Support Services
12/23/19 Justification for an Exception to Fair Opportunity for Program, Techni
12/23/19 Smartronix Bridge Contract *SOLE SOURCE*
12/21/19 OS-1-64 Sensor Kit *SOLE SOURCE*
12/21/19 Service Contract Renewal for Protect Premium Xradia 510/520 Versa *SOL
12/20/19 GSA Facilities Service Call Center
12/20/19 Information Technology Support for the Programming, Administration, a
12/12/19 Mathworks Software
12/12/19 AUV Real Time Control Software Library/Coop Detection & Tracking of Mu
12/11/19 Vacuum Chamber Shroud Removal & Re-Install *SOLE SOURCE*
12/11/19 RF Lambda Components-No Susbstitutes Authorized *SOLE SOURCE*
12/09/19 FS-1124a: This Is Who We Are, March 2019 Booklet
12/09/19 Envelopes#10 Window
12/09/19 Nrcs Soils Health Folder
12/06/19 CASL Ardent Sheppard Exercise
12/06/19 DCPS School Guide
12/06/19 AF4033 PM/AE Certification Label

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