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State: Ohio

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/02/19 Nut, Self-locking
12/31/18 Long Term Contract for the M249 Saw Machine Gun Barrel
12/27/18 Bow Vehicular Top
12/14/18 Defense Production Act (DPA) Title III Technology Market Research, Lit
12/13/18 Energy Efficiency Boiler Conversion Project
12/12/18 Security Services at Riverfront Transit Center (RTC), Cincinnati, OH
12/07/18 Construction Management Services
12/04/18 Materials & Supplies for 2019
11/30/18 Power Plant Equipment/Centrifugal Water Chiller
11/29/18 District 1 Lawncare Services
11/29/18 Landscape Services
11/28/18 Microcircuit, Hybrid
11/27/18 Four Wheel Drive Backhoes
11/27/18 Concrete Pipes
11/27/18 Box Culverts
11/27/18 Demolition of 639 Northland Blvd
11/23/18 Ozonometer
11/20/18 Hoffman Road Landfill GCCS Monitoring, operations and Maintenance
11/20/18 Miscellaneous Pavement Maintenance Products
11/20/18 Superkid Parker Multiple Nsn
11/19/18 General Contractor
11/19/18 Snow Removal
11/19/18 Garbage Hauler
11/15/18 Street Sweepers
11/28/17 Global Tires Program *AWARDED*

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