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State: Wisconsin

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/05/18 2018 Parking Garage Maintenance
03/15/18 2018 Playground Replacements - Group 1
02/22/18 Summit Maintenance Facility - Building Improvements
02/08/18 Pickup Trucks and Light Duty Work Trucks
02/08/18 Construction Equipment Rental or Lease (with and Without Operator)
02/08/18 Culverts, Bands, End walls, and Related Materials
02/08/18 Plows, Wings, Sanders, Dump Boxes, Hydraulics, and Pre-Wetting Units
02/08/18 Salt and Sand Supplies for Winter Maintenance
02/08/18 Roadside Vegetation Control Products & Equipment
02/08/18 Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
02/08/18 Tractors and Mowers
02/08/18 Excavating Equipment
02/08/18 Loaders and Related Heavy Equipment
02/08/18 Single, Tandem, and Tri-Axle Truck Chassis
02/08/18 Beam Guard and Related Products
02/08/18 All types of Light & Heavy Equipment and Supplies for Department Needs
02/08/18 Maintenance or Repair Parts
02/08/18 Trailer and Equipment Tires
02/08/18 Bridge/Box Culvert Construction Contractors for County & Local Project
02/08/18 Communication Equipment
02/08/18 Wall Steel Plate Armor
02/08/18 Equipment Trailers
02/08/18 Drilling and Blasting
02/08/18 Right of Way Acquisitions
02/05/18 DJC Regionals Prototype Study

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