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State: Wisconsin

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/20/24 Nw-54: Florist Pump 2 & 5 UPS Upgrade
08/15/24 National Forest Timber for Sale
08/15/24 Oak Creek Campus (OCC) Truck Driving Range Repaving
08/14/24 Clean-Out and Property Maintenance Services
08/08/24 Hughitt Ave., Improvement
08/08/24 Brown Deer Park Golf Practice Facility
08/06/24 Business Operations & Process Improvement Study (Request for Proposal)
08/05/24 Building Razing
08/02/24 Provide Radon Testing & Mitigation Services for the Community Developm
08/01/24 3/4" Gravel, 15,000 Tons of 1-1/4" of Gravel and 2,000 Tons of 3/4" As
08/01/24 15,000 Tons of 3/4" Gravel and 15,000 Tons of 1-1/4" Gravel
08/01/24 Naga-Waukee Beach House Roof Replacement (ITB)
08/01/24 Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank Maintenance plus Monitoring Service
07/31/24 Project 6-24 1000 Islands Boardwalk Reconstruction
07/31/24 Phase VI of a Kitchen, Bathroom, and Plumbing System Remodeling for Sa
07/30/24 DHHS New Building Bid Package 3 *RE-BID*
07/30/24 Meehan Drive Recondition Project (ITB)
07/29/24 City Hall Boiler Replacement
07/29/24 Capital Campaign Fundraising Study and Implementation (Request for Pro
07/26/24 Intent to Sole Source Repair, refurbishment, upgrade and/or replacemen
07/24/24 Lease, Operate, and Staff a Bar and Lounge (Request for Proposal)
07/19/24 Manhole Adjustments
07/19/24 Mountable Gutter and Project
07/18/24 4th Avenue Project Proposal
07/17/24 Roadway Crack Filling (ITB)

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