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State: Massachusetts

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/23/18 OB NewTownHall - 2nd
08/09/18 Exterior Stairs and Community Building Renovations, Diamond Pond Terra
08/08/18 Boiler Replacement, Margaret L. Donovan Elementary School, MSBA Accele
08/06/18 Energy Consultant-broker Management Services for City's Municipal Agg
08/03/18 Landscaping Services Municipal Complex Phase 1 Construction and Relate
08/03/18 Historic Restoration of Town Hall Ballroom and Stairway
08/02/18 Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services
08/02/18 Cumnock Courtyard
08/02/18 Vacant Unit Turnover and Cyclical Services
08/02/18 Cumnock Courtyard
08/02/18 Thermoplastic Line & Painting of Markings on Various Streets and Parki
08/01/18 Central Park Development, Scituate -Replacement of Federal Pacific Pan
08/01/18 On-call Tree Trimming & Removal Services
08/01/18 Hamilton Canal Innovation District Parking Garage
08/01/18 Random Crack Sealing
08/01/18 HVAC Mechanical Services
08/01/18 Replacement of Stage Flooring H Building M-02-19
08/01/18 Historic Building Air Conditioning
08/01/18 Exterior Soffit Repair at A Building M-03-19
07/25/18 Home Visiting Coordination, Training and Materials Development
07/25/18 Moms Do Care Expansion Model Coordination and Training Provider
07/25/18 Peer Recovery and Parenting Support Home Visiting Initiative Provider
07/25/18 Vital Signs Monitoring Systems Brand Name Welch-allyn Connex 6800 Vita
07/25/18 Moms Do Care Expansion Model Direct Service Provider
07/24/18 Planetary Speed Reducer W/brake *Sole Source*

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