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State: Massachusetts

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/22/20 Resurfacing and Related Work
04/22/20 Scheduled and Emergency Bridge Repairs and Related Work (Including Pai
04/14/20 Furnishing and Installing Overhead and Ground Mounted Guide and Traffi
04/14/20 Bridge Substructure Repairs and Related Work (Including Painting)
04/14/20 Scheduled and Emergency Traffic Signal Repairs and Improvements At Var
04/07/20 Bridge Railing Replacement and Related Work
01/17/20 Request for Information - Worker's Compensation Program
01/16/20 Lease Approx 4,100 SF of Usable Area Office Space
01/16/20 School Transportation Bid
01/08/20 Town Hall Generator Installation
01/08/20 Auto Body Repair and Painting
01/03/20 General Contractor and Subcontractor Pre-Qualifications for Constructi
12/27/19 Health Offices at Manning Apts
12/27/19 IEP Improvement Project - Stakeholder Engagement
12/21/19 Agricultural Lease
12/20/19 OPM Services As Needed
12/20/19 Sale of an Access Easement
12/20/19 Elevator Preventive Maintenance
12/19/19 Due Diligence Posting of Notice of Intent to Accept a Best Value Offer
12/18/19 McCrehan and Holland Wading Pool to Spray Deck Construction
12/18/19 Overdose Data to Action
12/15/19 Project Based Voucher (PBV) Section 8 initiative
12/12/19 Janitorial Services Contract
12/09/19 Reading Specialist MTEL Consultant
12/07/19 Grant Annoucement Only-FFY2019 Statewide Fiduciary Agent

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