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State: South Carolina

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/10/24 Website Modules and Graphics Creations
07/31/24 Chiller Plants Expansions and Upgrades (IFB)
07/25/24 Sewer Mainline Upgrades (IFB)
07/22/24 Downtown Masterplan (RFP)
07/16/24 Knightsbridge Road Resurfacing (ITB)
07/16/24 Brookland Lakeview Empowerment Center (BLEC) - Gym Renovations *CDBG*
07/11/24 Provide E-Rate Consulting Services (RFP)
07/11/24 Rock Hill - Fort Mill Area Transportation Study (RFATS) Comprehensive
07/11/24 PS096 Electronical & Mechanical Systems Upgrade
07/11/24 Jersey Street Storm Drainage Improvements (RFP)
07/11/24 USC Sumter - Nettles & Schwartz Buildings - HVAC and Controls Replacem
07/09/24 176 Lockwood Roof and Envelope Repairs (IFB)
07/09/24 Overhead Volleyball Net System
07/08/24 Elevator Maintenance Services for All Tri-county Technical College Cam
07/02/24 Family Engagement Support Platform (RFP)
07/02/24 Lynches River Batting Cage 2nd *RE-BID*
06/27/24 Cleaning Services for Brooks Stadium and Related Game Day Locations
06/27/24 Street Tree Pruning and Assessment (RFP)
06/26/24 Cpstiii South Lynches Fire Dept. Card Access System (RFP)
06/26/24 Furnish and Install Signs (RFQ)
06/25/24 Engineering Consulting Services for Roadway & Drainage Improvement Pro
06/21/24 Provide, Deliver and Install a Sterilgard Biosafety Cabinet - Dh
06/21/24 77 FGS EPU Booster *SOLE-SOURCE*
06/20/24 Meals Shaw AFB *SOLE-SOURCE*
06/19/24 J065--Life Safety System Programming *SOLE-SOURCE*

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