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State: South Carolina

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/05/20 Library Renovation
02/25/20 Generator Preventative Maintenance and Service Contract
02/25/20 Demolition Group 1
02/25/20 Demolition Group 2
02/25/20 Demolition Group 3
02/24/20 Comprehensive Plan 2020
02/21/20 Vertical Wheelchair Lift
02/21/20 110 ton Trane or Carrier Chiller
02/20/20 Access Drive Improvments
02/20/20 Network Electronics Licenses
02/20/20 Shiloh Unity Road
02/20/20 Calcium Chloride 3 Year Contract
02/18/20 Renovations and Repairs To City Hall Fire Inspections
02/18/20 Tanker Transfer of Liquid Bio Sludge
02/13/20 Automated License Plate Read (ALPR) System
02/13/20 Thurmond Gazes Research Building Humidifier Replacement
02/13/20 Thurmond Gazes Research Building Deaerator Tank Replacement
02/12/20 Library Generator Gates
02/10/20 Provide and Install Watchfire LED Sign
02/07/20 New Pouch Filling Machine
02/06/20 Maintenance of Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems
02/05/20 Stevedoring & Related Terminal Services (S&RTS)
01/31/20 Kinetic Learning Furniture
01/27/20 Rental Equipment
01/27/20 BOJAK Edition E

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