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State: South Carolina

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/02/21 Street Improvements
10/26/21 Owner's Project Manager (OPM) Services for Capital Projects
10/22/21 RFP - Radioactive Waste Disposal
10/22/21 Complex Improvements
10/21/21 Tennis Court Expansion
10/21/21 Health Ins Case Mgt Svc
10/20/21 E911 Recording and Logging System
10/19/21 OAU Renovations
10/19/21 OAU Renovations
10/15/21 Request for Qualifications - Comprehensive Plan
10/14/21 New Construction
10/13/21 Basement Flooring Project
10/13/21 Homeshare Residential Services
10/12/21 Courthouse Elevator Repairs
10/12/21 Supplying and Producing Firework Display
10/11/21 Metal Predator Guards
10/08/21 Full Depth Patching
10/06/21 UPS Battery Replacement
10/06/21 Pbhph Positive Latching Door Install
10/06/21 Office Cleaning
10/05/21 Request for Qualifications - Reeves Football Complex Expansion/Renovat
09/30/21 Yamaha PWC and Trailer
09/28/21 Charleston Gas Mask
09/28/21 Piping and Valve Insulation, Renew
09/27/21 SRS-GTR-263 Silviculture Guide

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