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State: South Carolina

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/27/20 Road Intersection
10/22/20 Transfer Station Tipping Floor Repairs
10/21/20 New Firetrucks
10/21/20 Electronic Sports Facility Space Plan, Design & Consult
10/20/20 HKT Improvement and Renovation for Fieldhouse
10/19/20 Annex Roof Replacement
10/16/20 Rosenwald Rehabilitation
10/14/20 Generator Preventive and Predictive Maintenance and Repair
10/13/20 Bell Covers and Performance Masks
10/13/20 On-Call Crane Rental and Operation
10/09/20 RFP - Riverfront Development
10/08/20 Build Out of Existing Dollar Tree
10/07/20 Natural Gas Main and Service Line Leak Survey
10/06/20 Provide and Deliver Key and Lock Supplies
10/06/20 Parking Lot
10/06/20 Gasoline and Diesel Tank Replacement
10/05/20 Vital Records and Statistics Integrated Information System (SC VRSIIS)
10/05/20 Lawn Care and Maintenance
10/01/20 Rooftop HVAC Replacement 2020
09/30/20 Pump & Remove Silt From Barge & Provide Tender Boats
09/29/20 Equipment IST
09/28/20 Opentrons Robots and Related Accessories *SOLE SOURCE*
09/28/20 Sole Source - Public Radio Programs
09/28/20 Turning Movement Counts
09/23/20 MSF 607 ADV TS 21

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