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State: Vermont

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/09/20 Boat Ramp Construction
10/19/20 Request For Proposals - Community Facilitator
10/13/20 RFP - On-Call Railroad Emergency Services
10/13/20 RFP - Behavioral Threat Assessment Program Development Services
10/08/20 Street Outfall Stabilization
10/08/20 Municipal Solid Waste, Recyclable Collection
10/07/20 Social Media Services
10/06/20 RFP - Sidewalk Snow Removal
10/06/20 RFP - On-Call Services for Water Resources Utility Repairs and Excavat
10/05/20 Unemployment Insurance System Modernization
10/05/20 Keeler Bay Parking Lot Expansion
10/05/20 Parking Lot Expansion
10/05/20 Allen Point Road Resurfacing
10/01/20 N95 Fit Testing and Medical Evaluation of Department of Corrections St
10/01/20 Radio Frequency Analysis Expert
09/30/20 Catering
09/30/20 Winter Road and Parking Area Maintenance
09/29/20 Snow Removal Services
09/25/20 Install 4 Culverts
09/25/20 Tool Cabinets
09/24/20 Commercial ISP
09/24/20 Commercial ISP
09/22/20 Sewer Main Replacement
09/22/20 Ultrasound Support
09/21/20 Floor Mats

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