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State: Vermont

Due DateSolicitation Name
06/28/24 Pike Hill Copper Mine Superfund Site Archeological Data Recovery (RFP)
06/27/24 Ninja Path-phase 2-bennington STP BP15(2) & Bennington TAP TA22(9)
06/20/24 Bartlett Bay WWTF Biological Process and SCADA Upgrade with Real-Time
06/18/24 Jericho Elementary School Stormwater Improvemetns
06/18/24 Rutland Town Elementary School Stormwater Improvements
06/14/24 2024 River Corridor Easement (RFP)
06/12/24 Propane Heating Fuel (RFQ)
06/11/24 Glover Community School Repairs (ITB)
06/11/24 Arts & Social Cohesion Grant Program
06/07/24 Local Hazard Mitigation Planning Services (RFP)
06/07/24 City of Montpelier - School Street Water Main Replacement
06/07/24 Police Department Vehicle Service and Maintenance 2024
06/07/24 Police Uniforms 2024
06/07/24 Police Department Radio Repair 2024
06/07/24 Police Vehicle and Equipment Repair 2024
06/07/24 Police Department Weekly Cleaning Services 2024
06/07/24 Police Uniform Cleaning and Maintenance 2024
06/07/24 Police Vehicles Tire Mounting and Tire Balancing 2024
06/06/24 Installation of Electrical Meter At the Improve Air Quality Site
06/03/24 Southern Windsor County Incubator - Electrical Service Upgrade (RFP)
05/30/24 AV Equipment and Services (RFP)
05/28/24 Debris Removal
05/28/24 Dam Access Road Repairs
05/24/24 Generator Maintenance and Repair Services (RFP)
05/24/24 Athletic Health Services

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