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State: Vermont

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/07/19 Security Upgrades
07/22/19 Flood Damage
07/17/19 Switchgear Replacement & Emergency Backup Power
07/17/19 RFP - Construction Inspection Services: Pedestrian Improvements
07/17/19 Produce, Deliver and Install Carpet
07/16/19 RFP - Construction Services: Pedestrian Improvements
07/16/19 Historical Building Preservation Plan
07/12/19 Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coalition Coordination
07/10/19 Parking Garage Structural Analysis
07/05/19 Tandem Dump Truck, Plow, Wing and Body
07/03/19 BGS Statewide Sprinkler System Testing and Repair Services
07/01/19 RFP - Feasibility Study of Electric Companies
07/01/19 On Call Physician Coverage
07/01/19 Request for Construction Manager Qualifications - Renovations and Addi
06/28/19 Radiology Custom Instrument Trays
06/28/19 All-Payer ACO Model and ACO Oversight Technical Assistance
06/27/19 Plumbing Services Contract
06/26/19 ECO AmeriCorps Program Orientation - Venue and Food
06/26/19 Elm Street Sidewalk
06/25/19 Liquid Zinc Orthophosphate
06/25/19 Fire Hydrant With Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System
06/20/19 Service of Multiparameter Water Quality Sondes, Surveyors, and Parts
06/17/19 Sale of 2008 International Dump Truck
06/14/19 Municipal Auditing Services
06/14/19 Trail Improvement Project

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