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State: South Dakota

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/21/19 300,000- Gallon Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation
03/19/19 Running Track Improvements
03/15/19 3rd Quarter FY19 Subsistence
03/14/19 Fire Alarm Replacement Project
03/14/19 Community Safe Room Building Construction
03/13/19 Gravel, Road Maintenance and Snow Removal
03/13/19 Blading of Roads, Snow Removal; Mowing of Ditches; Dirt Work; Front En
03/13/19 Lading of Roads, Snow Removal, Hauling for Loading, Ditch Mowing
03/12/19 Hall Upgrade Mechanical Systems
03/11/19 Mowing Bid
03/11/19 Solid Waste Garbage Services
03/07/19 Community School Project
03/06/19 Sale of GPS Survey Equipment and Associated Hardware
03/06/19 Construction Manager At Risk Services
03/06/19 Water Main Loop
03/05/19 Hauling, Backhoe, Excavator, Crushing Gravel
03/04/19 Multipurpose Copy Paper
03/01/19 Blading of Roads, Snow Removal, Graveling and Excavation Work
03/01/19 MC800, MC3000 and CRS-2P Asphalt Road Oil
03/01/19 Road Oil for the Year, 2019
03/01/19 Fuel Products
03/01/19 5,000 Tons More or Less of 3/8" or 7/16" Quartzite Chips
03/01/19 Hot Mix and Opti/Omega Mix
03/01/19 5,000 Tons More or Less of One Inch or 3/4 Inch Crushed And/or Screene
02/27/19 IT equipment

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