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State: South Dakota

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/12/21 Mowing/Bailing County Airport
04/05/21 Garbage Collection
04/04/21 Dental Services
04/02/21 Street Oiling
03/26/21 Audio, Video, and Suppoting Equipment Review, Inventory, Condition Ass
03/25/21 Sanitary Sewer Repairs for 2021 Street Overlay
03/25/21 Intersection Improvements
03/24/21 Pigeon Control
03/23/21 Terminal Apron, East Cargo Apron & West Cargo Apron Pavement Rehabilit
03/23/21 Bank Stabilization
03/22/21 Purchasing of a New Vision System
03/19/21 Gravel Bid
03/18/21 Rear-Wheel Drive Passenger Van
03/18/21 Furnish & Apply Epoxy Pavement Markings for Stop Bars and Arrows
03/16/21 Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment for the new Elementary School
03/15/21 Crushed and Screened Gravel to be Applied to Township Roads
03/15/21 Blading Roads and Snow Removal
03/12/21 Sale of 2009 Chevrolet Express G25
03/12/21 Request for Quotation - Physical Therapy Table
03/10/21 Purchase of Two (2) SUV with Trade-in
03/10/21 Double-Wide Trailer
03/10/21 Purchase of Materials for Two (2) Warehouse
03/10/21 Bridge Replacement
03/10/21 Bridge Structure Replacement
03/09/21 Request for Quote - Peripheral Equipment and Related Connectivity

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