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State: Nebraska

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/23/19 MH/SU Treatment Services
04/03/19 Advertising Services
03/28/19 Site Erosion Repairs Site Drainage Improvements
03/22/19 CPL-SPW Drainage Improvements
03/21/19 Project No. 2019-S-1 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation-2019
03/19/19 Pauline 345kV Substation Erosion Repair
03/19/19 Fire Suppression Upgrade
03/18/19 IOF Building Construction
03/15/19 One New or Demonstrator Rotary Mower with a Minimum Cutting Width of 1
03/14/19 Transmission Line Work OPGW Upgrade
03/12/19 2019 Water & Sanitary Sewer Extension
03/12/19 Asphalt Oil
03/12/19 Traffic Signal Renovations
03/12/19 Armor Coating
03/12/19 Gravel
03/08/19 Explosive Cleaning Services for North Omaha Station
03/06/19 Sprinkler System Service and Repair and Yard Chemical Application
03/04/19 Grader Blades
03/01/19 Sports Lighting
03/01/19 1985 Chevrolet 70 tanker truck
03/01/19 IACUC Protocal Software
02/28/19 Purchase of Substation Anchor Bolts
02/28/19 Overhead Lift Systems
02/27/19 Maintenance and Service for Aethon TUG Robots - *SOLE SOURCE*
02/26/19 Purchase Warehouse Supplies and Equipment

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