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State: Nebraska

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/31/18 Sale of Real Property
08/17/18 Furnishing of Playground Equipment And/or Materials
08/17/18 UPS Maintenance 334
08/16/18 Tecumseh State Correctional Institution - Underground HTHW Piping
08/15/18 RFP - Lancaster County Website Development and Hosting Services
08/10/18 Hauling a Total of 8,000 Tons of Gravel
08/09/18 GTS Vehicle Fueling Facility
08/09/18 SCC - RFQ for CM@R Diesel Tech
08/09/18 GTS East Range Complex Support Building
08/09/18 Gordon Wastewater Improvements 2018
08/08/18 Water Meter Replacement
08/07/18 OPS - Access Control Upgrades at Buffet Middle School, Wilson Focus, Y
08/07/18 Replace Breakers 2216 and 2218 (Grand Island 230kV Substation)
08/03/18 AB-15-F79
08/02/18 RFP - Ed Weir Stadium Video Board Replacement
08/01/18 Paint the Municipal Swimming Pool and Wading Pool
07/31/18 OPS Central High Addition Telecom and Security
07/31/18 Lincoln Avenue Drainage Improvements
07/30/18 Stryker Surgical Power Tools
07/26/18 Storm Sewer and Paving System
07/24/18 Nebraska Governor's Residence Chiller Addition
07/24/18 Underground, Primary and Secondary Junction Pedestals
07/23/18 Printing and Binding of Pruebas Publicadas En Espanol II
07/23/18 Restoration of the Third Floor Balcony Doors and Windows
07/11/17 Lease Space in Bellevue NE

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