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State: Nevada

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/07/18 Affordable Housing Study
02/28/18 Elevator Modernization Project
02/22/18 Coordinated Specialty Care for Early Intervention of First Episode Psy
02/21/18 Governor's Global Tourism Summit (GGTS) Event Planner
02/21/18 Networking Hardware/ Software
02/20/18 Veeam Software & Support
02/16/18 WRF - Reuse Water Fill Station
02/15/18 RFP - Parking Facility Condition Assessment
02/15/18 Construction of a New Nine Mile Ranger Residence, Storage Building and
02/14/18 Nevada Army National Guard Implementation & Inventory of Builder Sms P
02/13/18 Northwest Area Command HVAC Replacement
02/13/18 Water Main Removal and Replacement Project
02/12/18 Tree Inventory and Analysis
02/12/18 Heavy Crew Truck Cab and Chassis
02/09/18 Project Evaluator/samsha Circles of Care Grant
02/09/18 Social Media/public Education Coordinator/ Samsha Circles of Care Gran
02/09/18 Project Evaluator/ Samsha Circles of Care Grant
02/09/18 Social Media/Public Education Coordinator/ SAMSHA Circles of Care Gra
02/08/18 Elevator Modernization
02/08/18 Annual Requirements Contract for Controlled and Non-Controlled Medicat
02/02/18 RFP - External Monitoring Group
02/01/18 Equature NG911 Equipment Warranty
02/01/18 Wedge Gate Valves for Hacienda Rofcs
01/25/18 EEG Review System and Network Server
01/23/18 Annual Software Maintenance and Support for NETSMART Cache and Avatar

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