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State: Nevada

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/17/18 Request for Qualifications - Health and Wellness Center
09/17/18 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System
08/23/18 Fascia Replacement At Washoe Inspire Academy
08/22/18 Mt. Rose Water Treatment Plant
08/18/18 NV 2018 Recreation Resources Programs and Projects
08/18/18 BLM NV 2018 Fish, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Resources Programs
08/17/18 RFP - Statewide On-Call Electrical Engineering and Related Professiona
08/16/18 Remodel Restrooms & Showers, Army Aviation Support Facility (SPWD Proj
08/16/18 Cwcg Loop A Restrooms Remodel
08/16/18 Black Rock Station Site Improvements and Septic Tank Expansion
08/16/18 BLM (NV) Range Management Project -- Using Plant Genetics to Improve R
08/14/18 HVAC and Roof Replacement Eldorado High School
08/09/18 Learning Commons Phase 2
08/09/18 Highway Improvement
08/09/18 Roofing Replacement, Building 3, Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health S
08/08/18 General Contractor in Construction Management At Risk Model for the Su
08/07/18 AMS Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing - Phase II
08/07/18 Boiler Replacement, Desert Willow Treatment Center (SPWD Project No. 1
08/06/18 N4 Stator Re-wedge
08/06/18 Imperial Refuge Canal Rehabilitation
08/01/18 Shade Structures
08/01/18 Grand Mediterra Boulevard Local Improvement District T-16
07/31/18 Wahoo Ranch Hay Barn (#4)
07/26/18 Moja Purchase And Install Incar Video Cameras
07/23/18 UNLV Lied Library Office Remodel/Renovation Project

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