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State: Nevada

Due DateSolicitation Name
06/06/18 Install E-Stops on Generators
05/24/18 Elevator Maintenance and Servicing
05/17/18 Eldorado Valley Waterline Extension Phase I
05/17/18 Roofing Replacement, Housing Unit 4, Warm Springs Correctional Center
05/15/18 Request for Statements of Qualification - Outside Counsel for Opioid L
05/09/18 RFP - New Field Tractor and Implements
05/09/18 Roofing & Stucco Repairs to Bell Towers at Mt Rose Elementary School
05/09/18 Air Handler Replacement
05/09/18 NAGPRA Coordinator As an Independent Contractor
05/08/18 Rehabilitate Taxiways A, B, C, D
05/08/18 Topographic Map Exhibit
05/07/18 Heavy Crew Truck Line Body and Accessories Installation
05/03/18 Phase Two NV Energy Overhead Line Relocation
05/03/18 Request for Qualification - Nursing Home Services
04/30/18 Tahoe Boardwalk Lumber Purchase #2
04/30/18 CCD Prevention Media Movie Theatre Audio/video Announcement
04/30/18 Public Relations Outreach and Education Campaigns
04/30/18 Request for Qualifications - Information Technology Tier 1 Professiona
04/27/18 Fire Billboards
04/26/18 Kingsbury Maintenance Station
04/26/18 Cozad Alley Improvement
04/26/18 ITB - Roadway LED Lighting Fixtures
04/25/18 Replace Water Source Heat Pumps
04/25/18 Concrete Repair & Replacement Contract
03/30/18 Tahoe Boardwalk Lumber Purchase #2 - Cancelled

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