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State: Nevada

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/16/19 Homemaker Services
09/26/19 Cast Clinic Demolition, Abatement, and Remediation
09/24/19 Trauma ICU Renovation
09/24/19 Emergency Department Patient Handling Unit Refresh
09/18/19 Truck Maintenance And Repair
09/17/19 Helicopter - Eagle Single Bell 212
09/10/19 Lift Station Improvement
09/10/19 Lightning W Tank 2 Construction and Tank 1 Rehabilitation
09/10/19 Pueblo Trail Extension Project
09/06/19 ITB - Floor Replacement
09/06/19 Thermo Electron Laboratory Equipment
09/06/19 Floor Replacement
09/05/19 Air Compressor Purchase
09/04/19 Motor Grader Walk & Roll Attachment
09/03/19 Governor's Mansion and Governor's Hall Roof Replacement Project
08/26/19 Alfalfa Hay
08/26/19 RFI - NEPF Impact Validity Study
08/23/19 Isolator VHF
08/20/19 Construction of Arizona Heritage Trail
08/20/19 Air Show Social Media
08/20/19 Service, Rental, Process Water Treatment System To Treat A/C Chiller C
08/19/19 Red Baron WW1
08/19/19 LX200 Luminex E. Lee Life Tech Fisher Scientific
08/19/19 Desert Tortoises Field Survey
08/16/19 Lincoln County Multipurpose, Non-motorized Trails Map & Guide

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