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State: Nevada

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/18/19 RFP - Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Services in One-Stop Centers
01/08/19 ITB - Tree Trimming
01/07/19 ITB - Bioreactor Beam Repair
12/19/18 DMV Lighting Upgrades, at Flamingo, Decatur, Donovan and Henderson (SP
12/18/18 Department of Motor Vehicles and Nevada Highway Patrol Lighting Upgrad
12/18/18 Muni Pool Filter Replacement
12/12/18 Facilitation Services for Nevada Statewide Traffic Incident Management
12/11/18 Statewide Public Involvement and Public Outreach Services
12/11/18 The Construction of Rock Slope Protection for the Tracy Restoration Pr
12/10/18 RFP - Billing Services for Carson City Health and Human Services (CCHH
12/06/18 Parking Garage Repairs Maintenance
12/05/18 T1 & T3 TSA Remote Screening Rooms
12/05/18 Solar House Relocation
12/05/18 Alumni Parking Lot Booth Replacement
12/05/18 Wild Goose Bridge Abutment Modification
12/05/18 Boiler Plant Renovation, Nevada State Museum, Carson City (SPWD Projec
12/04/18 RFP - State Lobbyist
12/03/18 Medicine Patient Care Clinic TI 1707 W. Charleston Blvd
11/28/18 Lease Real Property
11/28/18 Lease for Real Property
11/26/18 FY19 JAC Transit Development and Coordination Plan Services
11/26/18 Property Abatement of Unhealthful Conditions/Nuisance
11/21/18 Annual Requirements Contract for Aviation Fuel and Fueling Truck Renta
11/20/18 Quote Request: 150 Gallon Portable Fuel Tank
11/19/18 Triton 36 Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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