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State: Nevada

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/02/21 Assessment Grant Management System
10/28/21 Alternative Living Services - Girls Program
10/28/21 UPS Replacement, Inspection and Maintenance Services
10/26/21 MARS-E v2.0 Independent Security Assessment
10/21/21 Audit Services
10/20/21 RFP - Capital Needs Assessment Consultant
10/20/21 Janitorial Services
10/19/21 Nevada Circuit Rider
10/15/21 RFP - Graphic Design and Printing
10/15/21 RFP - Consulting Services for the Management of Energy Credits
10/15/21 RFI - Wage Salary Survey/Incentive
10/14/21 Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Services
10/14/21 School Bus Body Repair & Services
10/14/21 Renovate 2nd Floor Bookstore
10/12/21 Thermoplastic Pavement Markings
10/12/21 RFP - Marketing Services
10/11/21 Pumping Station 1b Medium Voltage Equipment Upgrade
10/11/21 IFB - Cleaning of Sidewalks and Other Areas
10/11/21 Brush Art Pamphlets
10/08/21 Type IV Pavement Markings
10/07/21 AMS Backwash Pump Replacement
10/04/21 Forensics Robotic Mapping System
10/04/21 Embroidery Machine
09/30/21 Apron Panel Steel for Guzzlers
09/28/21 Courier Service FY22-FY25

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