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State: Nevada

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/13/19 Construct a Water Well At Temple Bar
07/24/19 RFP - Pavilion Modifications
07/24/19 HVAC System Renovation, C-12 Hangar
07/24/19 HVAC System Renovation, C-12 Hangar, Harry Reid Training Center
07/23/19 Replace Vault Toilet Liners
07/23/19 Marketing and Advertising Services
07/22/19 IFB - Landscape and Tree Maintenance Service
07/22/19 Printing, Binding and Mailing for Magazine
07/18/19 School of Dental Medicine Improvements
07/16/19 Parkway Corridor Transit-oriented Development Plan
07/16/19 On-Call Materials Testing, Construction Inspection, and Construction E
07/15/19 Certain Can Liners
07/11/19 Paper Goods, Dry/Canned & Frozen/Refrigerated Foods
07/10/19 Lumber and Melamine
07/10/19 RFQ for Wayfinding Project
07/10/19 Lake Disinfect Sprayer System
07/09/19 Juice, Lemon, 100%
07/08/19 OTC for Quilted Mattress Ticking
07/08/19 I-15 & I-80 Multi-State Coordination
07/03/19 Milk and Dairy
07/03/19 Produce
07/02/19 2 Gas Powered Low Speed Vehicle Shuttles
06/26/19 Clearone Video Conference Kit
06/25/19 Janitorial Services At the National Weather Service
06/21/19 Fortinet Fortiswitch Switches

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