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State: Rhode Island

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/15/18 Maple Tapping Services
10/15/18 India Point Park Shoreline Restoration
10/15/18 Peck Hill Timber Harvesting Services
10/15/18 Cathedral Square Site & Paving Improvements
10/15/18 Pvdfest Co Producer Art Festival
10/11/18 Continued Professional Learning for Lead RI School Leaders
10/11/18 Land Clearing Services - DEM
10/01/18 Consult To Analyze Recomendations for English Learners
10/01/18 Printing and Mailing Services
10/01/18 Snow and Ice Control Services
10/01/18 Ammunition
10/01/18 Dexter Training Ground Lighting
10/01/18 Adult Career & Tech Education Crdentialing
10/01/18 Food Service Management Company
10/01/18 Barracuda Email Archiver 650
10/01/18 External Diesel Parts
10/01/18 Consult To Analyze On Recomend English Learner
10/01/18 House Building Project
10/01/18 Purchase of a Paint Booth
10/01/18 Graphics Comm Embroidery Machine
09/28/18 Structural Firefighting Jackets, Pants & Fire-retardent Carbon-based H
09/26/18 Used 1999 Volvo Tractors
09/25/18 Lab Support Services
09/21/18 Under Vehicle Inspection System
08/30/18 Experimental Fuel Cell Unmanned Aerial System (XFC-UAS) Temporary Alte

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