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State: Rhode Island

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/08/19 Penetration Test/Adversarial Campaign
11/07/19 Repair of North Bulkhead At the Point of Galilee
11/07/19 Facilitate Implementation of Person-Centered Options Counseling
11/07/19 Solar Quality Assurance Inspection Study and Report
11/06/19 Prime Food Vendor
11/06/19 Lead Based Paint Capital Fund Improvements
11/06/19 Senior Housing Project Mgr
11/05/19 Park Improvements (Design/Build)
11/01/19 Pike Improvements
11/01/19 Aggregate Materials
10/30/19 CDBG Admin Services
10/30/19 Blank Bar Code Labels
10/25/19 ITB - Installation of Water Main
10/25/19 Curbside Collection of Soft Recycling
10/24/19 Fireworks Display - Pyrotechnics
10/24/19 Grocery Items
10/23/19 Floor Carpet Covering Installation
10/21/19 Police Personnel Uniforms
10/18/19 Bearings and Washers
10/18/19 Math Achievement Coaches
10/17/19 Meat & Cheese
10/17/19 Mobile Home Rental
10/16/19 Spectrum Dynamics Service Contract
10/16/19 Telephone Communications System & Installation
10/15/19 Lease Office Space

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