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State: Rhode Island

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/27/19 Window Restoration and Repair
03/27/19 Framed Greenhouse Structure
03/26/19 IFB- Vacancy Painting Services
03/22/19 Seven Challenges - Youth and Young Adult Treatment
03/22/19 Furnish and Install Mounted Crane for Use At the RIVMC
03/21/19 MPA 91 Heavy and Specialized Equipment Purchase, Maintenance and Repai
03/20/19 Sale of Forklift
03/20/19 Building & Ramp Improvements - RIC
03/20/19 Food, Beverage and Sundry Concessions
03/19/19 Uniform Alterations - RI State Police
03/15/19 Shelter for Runestone
03/15/19 Radio System Repair Services for Infrastructure, Portables & Mobiles
03/12/19 Boundary Survey Requirements for the State of Rhode Island
03/12/19 6 weel dump truck, plow and sander
03/08/19 Science and ELA Classroom Furniture
03/05/19 Photographic, Mapping, Printing, and Publication Services
03/05/19 Alarm System Monitoring and Service *CANCELLED*
03/05/19 Mechanical Contract Services
03/05/19 Plumbing Contract Services
03/04/19 Park Improvements
03/04/19 Field Service Parts for Prvs' Valves
03/04/19 Tintri T850 San
02/28/19 Meat & Cheese
02/26/19 Strong Bonds Family Event
02/05/19 Intel ESXi Server Refresh Drives and Memory *Awarded*

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