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State: Idaho

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/27/24 TECHNOLOGY LICENSING OPPORTUNITY Nuclear Thermionic Avalanche Cell (NT
07/13/23 TECHNOLOGY LICENSING OPPORTUNITY New Aluminum Foundry Alloy for High-T
05/17/23 RFP - Medicaid Audit Services
05/05/23 Dairy and Produce
05/05/23 Food, Paper and Cleaning Products
05/04/23 Request for Qualifications - Miscellaneous Professional Services
05/01/23 Student Transportation Services
04/21/23 Space Utilization and Space Planning Consulting Services
04/20/23 Courier Delivery Services
04/18/23 IMD Vehicle Leases
04/17/23 Computer Keyboard - Logitech Brand
04/17/23 Computer Monitor
04/17/23 Trail
04/17/23 Mini Refrigerator
04/17/23 Call/Communications Management Software with Design and Installation S
04/14/23 Audit Software
04/07/23 RFI - Fire Crew Food
04/06/23 Request for Quote - Landscaping
04/06/23 Insecticide Granules - Japanese beetle treatment
04/05/23 SaaS APC Data Analysis
04/04/23 Fire Sprinkler Upgrade
03/31/23 Request for Quote - Disease Control and Prevention Evaluation Report
03/29/23 Request for Quote - Service and Repair of Electric Embossing Sealers
03/28/23 INL PM Traveler File Folders, Form 430.01B
03/28/23 Request for Qualification - Basic CM/Owners Rep. ervices

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