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State: Idaho

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/18/21 Triple Bubbler System
09/18/21 Sensor Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
10/16/20 Helicopter Flight Services
10/08/20 Generator Addition
10/07/20 Concentrated Caustic Soda Solution
10/07/20 Tenant Build Out
10/07/20 House Renovations
10/06/20 Building Package
10/06/20 Health Services
10/06/20 Field Station Office
10/06/20 Constructing a High Capacity Intersection
10/05/20 Wholesale Bakery Upgrade
10/05/20 Furnishing and Installing Irrigation Pipe and Center Pivot Irrigation
10/04/20 Wireless Valve Position Indication (VPI) Sensor System
10/02/20 Equipment Fuel Supply
10/01/20 Snow and Ice Removal Services
10/01/20 Timber for Sale
09/24/20 Spillway Roller Chain
09/24/20 COVID-19 Medical Screeners & Traffic Control
09/24/20 Aerial (helicopter) Herbicide Application on Craig Mountain WMA
09/23/20 Park Restroom Replacement
09/23/20 Park Restroom
09/21/20 Government Plant Clearance Officer Disposition Support - *SOLE SOURCE*
09/21/20 Door Handle Lockset Replacement and Rekeying
09/18/20 Wind Storm Damage Clean Up

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