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State: Idaho

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/10/20 mmWave Device Authentication System
04/06/20 Delta Platform for Enhanced Scanning & Vibration Mitigation
04/06/20 Antibody Profiling - Forensics Identification Technology
04/06/20 Spatial Agricultural Crop Yield Prediction
04/06/20 Linear Delta Robot Platform for Increased Workspace and Mobility
03/16/20 Wireless Radio Frequency Signal Identification and protocol Reverse En
03/11/20 Robust High Temperature Insulation Alternative to Nomex
03/11/20 Electrochemical Recycling Electronic Constituents of Value (E-RECOV)
03/10/20 Palladium Leaching Chemistry
03/10/20 Reductive Leaching of Metals from Li-ion Battery Electrodes
03/10/20 Conductive Inserts to Reduce Nuclear Fuel Temperature
03/10/20 Streamlined-Rapid Chromatography Isotope Separation System (S-RCISS)
03/10/20 Modeling And Simulation for Target Electrical Resilience Improvements
03/04/20 Engineered Microbes for Rare Earth Element Adsorption
03/02/20 Janitorial Services
03/01/20 Supercritical Fluid Process for Rare Earth Element Recovery
02/20/20 Janitorial Services
02/18/20 Furnishing One (1) New Trailer Mounted Underground Puller
02/18/20 Provide Consultant Services To Establish a New Metropolitan Planning O
02/10/20 Ripper Mounted Packer/Roller
02/10/20 Bituminous Distributor
02/07/20 Professional Services - Airport Master Planning
02/05/20 Springy Point 51 Park Attendant
02/03/20 Helicopter Flight Services In Support Of BLM WH&B
01/31/20 Switchyard Upgrades

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