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State: Idaho

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/01/19 Develop relicensing plan for two FERC licensed hydroelectric projects
01/14/19 Thirty-Five Foot (35') Transit Buses
12/21/18 Accessible Conversion Transit Buses
12/13/18 Vehicles Install/Decommission
12/11/18 Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion - *Prequalification
12/07/18 Request for Qualifications - Design and Construction Services for Ada
12/05/18 Plantation Lake Harbor River Bank Repairs
12/05/18 Willow Lane Boat Ramp Repairs
12/05/18 Americana Tunnel Bank Repairs
12/04/18 FY19 D4 Interstate Striping
12/04/18 Raft Rv Br EB WB Lanes
12/04/18 Main Street Pedestrian Improvements
12/04/18 FY19 D1 Bridge Repairs
11/30/18 Purchase a New IP Based Voice Communications System
11/30/18 Herbicide Application
11/30/18 ACSO Practice Ammo
11/29/18 Sludge Truck Chassis
11/28/18 Procurement a Heating/ventilation/air Conditioning (HVAC) Control Syst
11/27/18 US-95, Moscow NCL to Viola
11/27/18 FY20 D1 ADA Improvements
11/24/18 Minidoka Dam and Powerplant Janitorial Services
11/20/18 Ada County Clerk's Modular Furniture Data and Electrical Installation
11/20/18 Water System Improvements Schedule III Well 5
11/16/18 RFP - Snow Removal Operators and/or Snow Removal Haul Trucks with Oper
11/13/18 ATV Trailer

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