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State: Idaho

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/18/19 On-call Airport Planning Services
07/11/19 Repair Compound Drainage
07/11/19 Repair Southeast Air Handler
07/11/19 Downtown Revitalization Phase II
07/10/19 Colonial Hall - Replace Fire Escape Stairs
07/09/19 Fy19 Capital Maintenance, Phase 2
07/09/19 2019-2020 Food and Non Food Products
07/08/19 Diesel Fuel
07/08/19 Milk
07/08/19 Soda Fuel Break Hand Cut and Chip
07/02/19 Howell Sewer Interceptor
07/01/19 Irrigation System
07/01/19 End Dump Pup Trailer
07/01/19 UTV
07/01/19 Leasing of Office Furniture
07/01/19 Information Technology & Audio Video Equipment
07/01/19 CDBG Grant - Phase 2
06/28/19 Renovations, Sixth Floor, Education Building
06/26/19 Campylobacter Autogenous Vaccine Doses
06/24/19 PrecisionHawk BirdsEyeView FireFly6 Pro Drone
06/24/19 Standing Steam Sterilizer for BS2 Waste
06/24/19 Aqua-Life Biostream Pumps, Harvesters and Accessories or Equal
06/24/19 Container, Freight
06/21/19 Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) Administrative Services
06/21/19 Veliger Water Sample Analysis Services

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