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State: Mississippi

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/23/20 Improvements To Bia Route
10/22/20 0.056 Mi. of Texas Twist Guardrail Replacement
10/22/20 32.800 Mi. of Reseal
10/19/20 Solid Waste Disposal Services
10/19/20 Purchase Consumables - *SOLE SOURCE*
10/14/20 One or More Medium Duty Dump Trucks
10/14/20 One or More Heavy Duty Dump Trucks
10/14/20 One or More Tractor Trucks
10/07/20 One or More Medium Duty Dump Trucks, One or More Heavy Duty Dump Truck
10/07/20 Purchase Computer Technology
10/07/20 Purchase Desk, Tables, and Chairs
10/07/20 Convection Oven
10/06/20 Holland Scientific Crop Circle Phenom Phenomics Sensor System - *SOLE
10/05/20 ToxiCALL - *SOLE SOURCE*
10/05/20 Ninth Brain Suite - *SOLE SOURCE*
10/05/20 SliceScope Pro 1000 - *SOLE SOURCE*
10/05/20 Ripple Professional Edition - *SOLE SOURCE*
10/05/20 HESI Testing Package - *SOLE SOURCE*
10/05/20 RetinaVue Network Software - *SOLE SOURCE*
10/05/20 LinkedIn - *SOLE SOURCE*
09/30/20 Rod, Wading, Top-setting, With Base, 4-f
09/25/20 Cable TV Subscription
09/24/20 Sisense Software
09/24/20 Ulyssix 3rd Generation 3U PCIe PCM Processor Card 40 Mbps Bit Sync.
09/24/20 Wideband Telemetry Recorder DRS8500X-8TB/SSD-4A4D/4IF *SOLE SOURCE*

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