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State: Mississippi

Due DateSolicitation Name
06/15/18 RFP: Mississippi Tobacco-Free Coalition Programs in Targeted Areas
03/16/18 Technical Assistance Grant Announcement for Smokefree Air Community Ed
02/28/18 Building Repairs and Construction Price Project 2018
02/28/18 Trenchless Pipe Inspection-Unit Price
02/23/18 Construction of 0.776 Miles of Grade, Drain, Base and Dbst Surfacing
02/23/18 Gaston Point Gym Roof Replacement
02/22/18 Golf Practice Facility Renovation
02/20/18 Small Craft Harbor Construction of the Day Pier Extension
02/20/18 Construction of the Cell No. 6 Preliminary Grading Project
02/19/18 BASH Cannon Maintenance, CAFB
02/19/18 Port of Gulfport, MS S&RTS
02/16/18 Youngs Bayou Dredging Project
02/15/18 Water Distribution Improvements
02/15/18 Olive Branch Intermediate School Renovation Phase 2
02/14/18 Horn Lake Middle School HVAC Replacement Phase 2
02/14/18 Hernando High School HVAC Replacement Phase 1
02/07/18 Cook Out (Jackson, MS)
02/06/18 Privilege of Keeping Funds for the Years of 2018 and 2019
02/05/18 Acute Care Hospital Services
02/05/18 Grounds Care, Team Pictures, Trophies, Uniforms and Supplies Used in t
02/02/18 RFP - Superintendent Search Consultant
01/30/18 Timber for Sale
01/29/18 Supply and Delivery of Oxalic Acid
01/22/18 Bamboo Book Case with Stainless Steel Shelving and Frosted Glass Meeti
12/29/17 MegaBraid Rope

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