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State: Mississippi

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/05/23 River Road & Milam Lane Ewp Bank Stabilization
03/10/23 Vape Sensors
03/10/23 In-school and Out-of-school Youth Services
03/02/23 Campus Walk Building D Exterior Renovations
02/28/23 AFB - Erosion Control Repairs
02/28/23 Trade Used Pistols and Rifles - Reverse Auction
02/28/23 AFB - Erosion Control Repairs
02/23/23 Lab Furnishings
02/23/23 Gym Reroofing
02/21/23 Hauling of Waste Tires
02/17/23 E-Rate Cabling Project
02/17/23 Replacement of the Hangar Door
02/17/23 Lawn Maintenance
02/17/23 Elevated Water Tank
02/16/23 Parking Lot & Site Development
02/15/23 Interior Renovation
02/15/23 Semi-Truck for CDL Training Purposes
02/14/23 Keeping and Disbursing Said Funds
02/13/23 E-Rate Network Switches
02/13/23 Stumpage for Sale On 16-4N-6W
02/10/23 Privilege of Keeping the School District Funds
02/10/23 Virginia US Cyber Range Credits - SOLE SOURCE
02/08/23 Construction Manager Services
02/03/23 Pre-qualification - Base and Paving Construction of Ford Drive
01/30/23 Lawn Maintenance Service

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