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State: Mississippi

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/19/20 Asphalt Overlay
08/19/20 2.0 MI Base Repair, Cold Milling and Overlay
08/17/20 Drainage Improvements
08/17/20 Digital Ownership Mapping Maintenance
08/05/20 Debris Truck
08/04/20 Maintenance Building Reroof
08/04/20 Sand and Gravel
07/31/20 IFB - Janitorial Services
07/30/20 Legal Services and Surveying Services
07/30/20 Thermal Scanner and Terminal
07/28/20 Procedure Masks With Face Shield
07/27/20 SilverCloud *SOLE SOURCE*
07/27/20 Purchase of VH Dissector *SOLE SOURCE*
07/21/20 Government Property Sale - Mixed Ammo Brass
07/21/20 Installation/Removal of Vehicle Dock Locking System
07/21/20 Medical Gowns
07/21/20 N95 Respirators
07/21/20 Personal Protection Equipment - Nitrile Gloves
07/20/20 Grass Replacement
07/16/20 Mo-30W Powder Production Feasibility Study *SOLE SOURCE*
07/16/20 Diffusion Bonded Panels
07/16/20 Panels
07/15/20 Marine Traffic Controller
07/15/20 Carestream DRX Revolution Mobile X-Ray System Services and Parts
07/14/20 RFID Tracking System

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