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State: Newfoundland

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/15/22 Provide Group Insurance Consulting and Third Party Pension Plan Admini
12/09/22 Relay Building HVAC Upgrade
12/09/22 Supply of 69 kV VT Transformer
12/08/22 Supply of 138 kV PT Transformer
12/08/22 Supply of Power Transformer Bushing
12/08/22 Supply of Power Transformer Bushing
12/07/22 Supply of 230kV Potential Transformer
12/05/22 Supply and Delivery of PRV Inputs and Outputs As Requested
12/05/22 Supply and Delivery of One (1) New Rear Loading Refuse Truck
12/02/22 Supply of Infrared Inspection Windows and Camera
12/02/22 Supply & Deliver Track Assemblies and Related Items for 2017 Powertrax
12/02/22 RFT - Snow Clearing Services
12/02/22 Supply and Delivery of Freightliner, Sterling and Western Star Parts
12/02/22 Supply Klein Tools
12/02/22 Outdoor Station Service Grounding Transformer - Supply of Three Phase
12/02/22 Snow Clearing *Retender*
12/01/22 SolarWinds
12/01/22 Sewer Pump Station Refurbishment
11/30/22 Snow Clearing Services
11/29/22 Demolition of Residential Dwelling
11/28/22 Snow Clearing Services
11/25/22 Chemical Analyses Water, Wastewater, Groundwater and Leachate
11/25/22 Pick up and Disposal of Used Non PCB Transformers and Associated Oil
11/24/22 Downtown Sidewalk Snowclearing
11/23/22 Supply and Delivery of Cummins Parts

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