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State: Newfoundland

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/05/19 Supply of Diesel Lubricating Oil
11/04/19 Supply and Delivery of Gas Turbine Fuel, and Boiler Ignition and Black
10/31/19 Padmount Transformer
10/31/19 Supply of Transformer Bushing
10/31/19 Elevator Shaft Inspection and Repairs
10/30/19 Finned Tube
10/29/19 ITB - Environmental Site Remediation
10/29/19 Gaskets, Valves, Seal, Alarms and Dampers
10/29/19 ITB - Asbestos and Paint Abatement
10/28/19 IFB - Back-up Generator
10/28/19 Supply and Install Sewage Treatment Plant
10/28/19 Deadend Guying Assemblies
10/25/19 ITB - Supply and Delivery of Fujifilm and Nikon Photography Equipment
10/25/19 For Sale By Tender Used Vehicles/equipment
10/25/19 ITB - Water Valve Replacements CP2
10/24/19 New Parking Lot Area, Manhole and Sanitary Line Replacement
10/24/19 Snow Clearing and Ice Control Services
10/24/19 Mobile Trailer Disposal
10/24/19 Electric Pump and Jockey Pump
10/23/19 Supply of Electric Valve Actuators
10/23/19 Supply and Deliver of Bagela Asphalt Recycler
10/18/19 Construction of Road
10/17/19 Re-construction of Highway Agricultural Access Road
10/17/19 ITB - Electric Convection Steamer
10/15/19 Pedestrian Improvement Plan Road Sidewalk – Phase 1

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