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State: Newfoundland

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/29/19 Refuse Removal
03/19/19 RFP - Employee and Family Assistance Program
03/13/19 Request for Quotation - Supply & Deliver One(1) New, Current Productio
03/13/19 RFP - End Homelessness
03/11/19 Request for Qualifications - Engineering Consulting Services 2019-2020
03/08/19 RFP - Professional Consulting Services Phase II Environmental Site Ass
03/08/19 Supply 1000kw Genset Radiator
03/08/19 Sortation, Delivery and Collection of Mail for Combined Urban Service
03/07/19 Standing Offer, Cleaning of Vacant Units
03/07/19 Request for Quotations - Supply and Delivery of Metal Pless Parts
03/07/19 Garbage Container Services
03/06/19 Lease of 4801 square feet of Office Space
03/06/19 Community Assessment and Parole Supervision -*Sole Source
03/05/19 Renovations of Interior Finishes
03/04/19 Supply of Junction Boxes
03/01/19 Request for Quotations - Supply & Delivery of Lawn Equipment
03/01/19 Supply Snowmobilies As Per Spec - Soldiers Pond Terminal Staion
02/28/19 Request for Quotations - Supply and Deliver One(1) New, Not Previously
02/28/19 Request for Quotations - Elevator Maintenance
02/28/19 EOI - Supply of Instrumentation Materials
02/28/19 Standing Offer for Supply & Delivery of Apartment Size Appliances
02/26/19 Request for Quotations - Rental of Cars, Vans & Pickups
02/26/19 Supply & Deliver Runway Sweeper Brushes
02/25/19 Supply of Promotional Items
02/25/19 Supply & Delivery of Steel Order

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